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You Are The Master of Your Life Experience – Choose Wisely!

You are the master of your life experience.

Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s the truth.

That might be especially hard to hear especially if you have some pretty stressful things going on in your life.

No matter your current situation, you have a choice in every single day and in every single moment.

If you could master your life experience, what would you choose for yourself?

Think about all the areas of your life where you are having doubt or feeling frustrated or where you have people or experiences that trigger you to feel bad.

That’s where you start becoming aware of what’s really going on in your life.

And that’s where you can start to make changes.

Are you ready to wake up to a better version of yourself and begin mastering your life experience?


What Life Would You Choose?

Let’s take a little quiz … (don’t worry, this is really easy.)

When you wake up each morning, which of the following would you choose?

  1. I want to wake up every morning knowing the Truth of who I am!
  2. I want to wake up every morning with a greater sense of self and the courage to let the True ME shine!
  3. I want to wake up every morning with endless energy and radiant health!
  4. I want to be surrounded every day by rich and loving relationships that feed my soul!
  5. I want to receive the Universal Flow of Abundance in my life!
  6. I want to live my purpose and realize my dreams!

It’s a no-brainer, right! You would choose ALL OF THE ABOVE!

And I’m here to tell you that it’s your birthright as the magnificent human being that you are to have ALL of those good things and more.

And, I want ALL of those things for you too!

That’s why I’m excited to share this exciting news with you …

Not only is ALL OF THE ABOVE within reach for you, it’s within reach for you right now.

You can be well on your way to making powerful shifts in your life in the next 30-45 days and I can’t think of a better person to help you on this journey than my friend Dr. Sue Morter.


It’s Time To Make A Choice For A Better YOU!

Dr. Sue opened enrollment for her brand new The Energy Codes® Online Course through August 7th at Midnight PST so you still have time to join this life-altering experience.




With the practices and principles you’ll receive in The Energy Codes® Online Course, you can create all of this and more …

Imagine …

  • Waking up every single morning passionately living your purpose and knowing the universe is here in your full support.
  • Your creativity comes alive as you discover a hidden source or energy and how to use it to experience anything you desire.
  • Embodying vibrant health and living free of pain or dis-ease.
  • Freeing yourself from stories that have held you back to step into the destiny of your dreams.
  • Be a more confident and self-loving you… a YOU filled with inspiration, joy and excitement, manifesting your heart’s desires and living harmoniously in flow with all that life brings your way.

I invite you to sign up for Dr. Sue’s program and take the next step in your journey.

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I look forward to meeting the real YOU!




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I get to know about Dr. Sue after read her bestselling book, The Energy Codes. In fact, I have written a blog post on the review of this book which I have highly recommended. If you are interested to learn more, you might like to check out this another blog post HERE.

Therefore, when I get to know that Dr. Sue is going to open enrollment for her brand new The Energy Codes® Online Course, I’m so excited and willing to share this good news to everyone.

Because deep inside my heart, I truly know that Dr. Sue is doing this for the benefits of more people by helping them to know the true real YOU! We have the power to choose our life!

I already start to have a transformation after reading her The Energy Codes book.  Therefore, I believe her The Energy Codes® Online Course will work too.

Mostly human beings need discipline in order to follow through the practices therefore this online course is created. When you go for a course, you are not alone. Therefore, it will help you to feel more motivated to keep up the practices.

And you can always raise any questions if you encounter any problem easily. These are the advantage of taking up a course.

They will also offer a payment plan and a 100% money-back guarantee too.

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P.S. Dr. Sue Morter is a renowned international speaker and founder of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science.

She draws from her experience as a doctor for over 30 years, inspiration from a life-changing awakening during meditation, and her personal passion for cracking the code of life itself.

And she’s very excited to pass this knowledge on to you so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Do you have any thought that you would love to share? Please feel free to leave them in my comment box at the bottom and I am more than happy to hear from you!

And don’t forget to sign up for The Energy Codes® Online Course to learn the real YOU and master your life experience!




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  • Hannie

    “When you’re stuck, your mind focuses on problems.” That’s an interesting one, because the other way around is also true in my view; “When your mind focuses on problems, you’re stuck”. I wonder if there is much difference between the two.

    And yes, Janet, definitely choose number 7, all of the above. I am practising a lot of the techniques that you are practising as well, and I agree with you that it is all possible 🙂


    • Janet

      Hi Hannie. Thank you for sharing your thought!

      Well, to me there are the same, whether “When you’re stuck, your mind focuses on problems” or “When your mind focuses on problems, you’re stuck”. It’s like chicken come first or egg come first question, LOL.

      When you feel stuck because you’re focus on problems and when you focus on problems, you will feel stuck. Our feeling and mind are connected. Therefore, they influence each other. Make sense? 🙂

  • Christine

    Only this morning I was thinking of my life and how certain people have really gone out of their way to hurt me, and I wondered why, why they did that, and how I can make sure that such people stay away from my life.

    It’s all about choices, isn’t it, and sometimes we think we make a good choice and then the result is very different. Still, good things can come from them, which makes me see that the Universe does indeed have my (our) back.

    This course looks like something I would love to do. The book looks very interesting and I think it is a read that will transform the way many of us think.

    The mind can be limiting, it focuses on the smaller things. When we are living in freedom and flow, we only see possibilities. I like that, and it is true.

    • Janet

      Hi Christine. Thank you for sharing your thought!

      Yes, it’s all about how to connect to our soulful self. All these life, we have been living with our head, not with our heart. Therefore, there are limitation. When we learn to connect to our soulful self, we can live in freedom and flow.

      What is good or bad choice? A bad choice can turn out to be a good choice if we know how to see it in a different way. Whatever so called “Bad” experience help us to grow stronger and learn a lesson or have a life realisation. And each life realisation help us to come closer to our soulful self.

      The free e-book is a good book to read. If you like it, I would recommend you read her bestseller book, The Energy Codes, because the free e-book content actually is part of her The Energy Codes book.

      The bus stop conversation she mention in her The Energy Codes book is like a sudden wake up and realisation to me. I don’t feel bad anymore and accept what that has happened in the past and let go and move on. With what I have learn from her book, I’m willing to accept and face whatever life being throw at me.

      And now I’m learning that I have the power of my own life. I cannot control things outside me, but at least I must have the control what’s going on inside me. This is the power that I have.

      Once you able to have the control inside you, you will project out to the world differently. This is what people side transform from inside out. This Energy Codes is actually teaching you the techniques to gain the control inside you, connect to your soulful self.

      I have heard the Energy Codes Online Course cover and teach more than her The Energy Codes book because I have asked her during the Free webinar with her. So I believe you will learn even more if you join the course.

      All the best to you!. 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi Janet,

    This is a really informative and very interesting article. You are absolutely right, we choose the life that we want for ourselves.

    It is within all of our control how we want our lives to go and where we end up. A lot of people do have things that happen to them that are positive and negative, but at the end of the day it still all comes down to us.

    You talk about when people focus on problems, I believe that not just individuals focus on problems but organisations do too. So it is drilled into us through all sorts of platforms that we need to focus on problems/negatives instead of strengths/solutions/positives.

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    • Janet

      Hi Tom. Thank you for sharing your experience and thought!

      Well, whether is individual or organisation or even country, as long as it’s run by human beings, where all our energy go to will depend where we focus at. Whichever group of the same kind of energy force is stronger will push the matter happen their way. So come back to the point it’s still human issue.

      We are the creator of our own life. We are the one who decide ourselves how we want to feel and think. But a lot of people allow outside situation or someone to control over us how we should feel.

      The mind only like to make up stories base on the memory of limited information and experience from the past. I have learnt that living life through the mind is a suffering and torture to ourselves. The mind create limitation and fear.

      We should live our life with our soulful self to allow our body and mind to have a different experience and more realisation. This is what life is about! 🙂

  • Jeff

    You are the mast of your life experience choose wisely is an article full of great information and opportunities, you go out of your way to provide assistance to your readers.

    I for one appreciate all the health benefits you provide in all your articles, and I read your articles regularly.

    Thank you!

    • Janet

      Hi Jeff! Thank you and nice seeing you again 🙂

      I will continue share more information about health benefits and well-beings to help more people to learn that they have the true power inside them!

      Keep connected. Thank you 🙂

  • Deb

    You are so right. We do choose our path in life. It is difficult to focus on the positive when our life seems to be going downhill sometimes.

    When things are going wrong, I try to look for the lesson I need to learn and that takes my focus off the bad stuff.

    For example I was really struggling to use Pinterest but I kept making pins and now I actually have some link clicks on some posts. I guess I don’t really need to understand it, just do it.

    Dr. Sue’s online course sounds fantastic for learning more about how to empower yourself and put the ‘Law of Attraction’ to work for you rather than against you. Thank you for this information.

    • Janet

      Hi Deb. You are doing well! Actually that should be the right attitude towards life. Ask yourself what lesson you need to learn when things doesn’t go right.

      Yes, there is something deeper inside the “Law of Attraction”. But the problem is a lot of people only see it by the surface and apply it in life. Therefore, it doesn’t work to lot of people!

      We need to go deeper inside to realise it. Life doesn’t flow fulfilling by operating fully with our thought in our head. In fact, we use too much of our head, that’s the problem.

      Dr. Sue has been running her Energy Codes Course for almost 30yrs and help lot of people being transform in life. In order to help more people realise the true power inside them, she has come out her bestselling The Energy Codes book and now this Energy Codes Online Course.

      That’s her work. She never stop expanding herself from sharing and teaching. You will love her energy! 🙂

  • Susan

    We have to make the best of this life that we have been given. It is special and if we don´t follow our passions and live our “true” selves, it will have been a kind of waste of time.

    Appreciate your passion and enthusiasm for the work of Dr. Sue. She has obviously had a great influence on you and that positivity comes across in your article. Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Susan. Thank you for sharing your thought.

      I have heard people said for those people before they come to their last breath, they will start to replay their whole life in mind and most of them will have some regret in life. But by then it is too late to do anything already because their time is up.

      Therefore, there is this saying to live your life fulfilling before you regret. But most of the people are searching for that fulfilling life from oustside of them and never find it. Because the actual right place to search is from inside and they don’t know how to find their “true” selves.

      Yes, I got a wake up and realisation after reading her The Energy Codes book. I find her works is amazing!

      When I learn that she is going to come out this Energy Codes Online Course, I know it’s going to help more people. Therefore, I’m sharing her works in my blog to give her some support for her amazing works 🙂

  • Joshua Rials

    I wake up at 6AM every day and say to myself, I will spend this day producing my most ability, the ability to perform and live at my highest attribute.

    I have gone with that saying for a month now and it has allowed me to have a positive mindset more often, especially before I begin my daily work.

    Thank you for this article, it had given me a lot of light!

    • Janet

      Hi Joshua. You are doing great as you have started on your journey to work on connecting to your soulful self!

      All the best to you 🙂 May you receive more light!

  • Simon

    I have heard about Energy Codes slightly in the past, but only a bit here and there – am I correct in assuming that this is one of the more obscure “Self Improvement” forms to choose from, and if so, why do you think it is not as well known as others such as LOA and hypnosis?

    • Janet

      Hi Simon. Thank you for your question.

      Law of Attraction and hypnosis have been around for a long time where everyone know about it. But does it work for everyone? No. Why they work for some but not others?

      And nowadays I have come across more and more these courses on connecting to our true self, soulful self, higher self, super consious, the source, the god, etc whatever we like to call it. Why?

      Because more and more people are awaking. People start to learn the truth is search inside us, not outside.

      Why Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people? Because they are applying it with their ego mind, ego self. It will only work if you apply it with your true self.

      You can say that to search the true of who you are is the deep secret that will help you to make the Law of Atttraction work.

      I have a blog article – How To Make Law Of Attraction Work. You may like to read it to learn more.

      Hypnosis is a good way to direct deal with our sub-conscious mind, but it doesn’t deal with our conscious mind. And whether it works for you will depend what kind or how deeply is your hidden issue in your sub-conscious mind.

      They might need help from those professional Hypnotherapists. Some people who have a very strong ego mind might be difficult to get life transformation by hypnosis only because it deal with sub-conscious mind only, not conscious mind.

      We need to become our true self or soulful self in order to get true life transformation. It’s about the union of our body, mind and soul into One.

      Just work on one part only does not work. The Energy Codes is about the embodiment of the body, mind and soul using quantum energy.

      Nowadays there are many courses out there about working on the true self, soulful self or super conscious. You just have to find the one that work for you.

      Therefore, they usually have provided this 100% money back guarantee for you to test it out first to see it works for you or not.

      I have tried my best to answer your question. Hope it helps you.

      All the best to you! 🙂

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