Yoga Clothing for Women

Yoga Workout Clothing for Women – Feel Safe Feel Good!

When I just started learning yoga that time, I didn’t really bother about what I wear when I’m doing my wardrobe

yoga workout. I just find whatever T-shirt and pant in my wardrobe that I have.

At that time, my thinking was I am just here to learn yoga. There is no need to especially buy a yoga clothing for the yoga class. It is not important during yoga workout at all.

But I realize later that it does make a great different in your yoga workout if you wear a proper yoga clothing. After that I start to pay attention to the yoga clothing to wear for my yoga workout.

Why It Is Important To Wear A Proper Yoga Clothing

If you are not wearing a proper yoga clothing, you will start to realize there is some restriction to your stretching when you try to do certain yoga postures. You can’t do your best because of the restriction. It is worse than it might cause injury to yourself if you force it through the restriction.

Secondly, you will realize your clothing is not holding there especially when you are doing those inverted yoga postures. You might try to do some adjustment to your clothing while you are at the yoga postures which is hand-to-feet-pose

dangerous as your action might cause injury to yourself while you are holding at your yoga posture.

Because you are supposed to focus and concentrate on your yoga posture and breathing while you are holding the yoga posture. Any wrong movement while you are holding at the yoga posture can cause strain to your muscles and injury.

In my early yoga teaching stage, I always get myself injury. Because I always like to check on my yoga students whether they have done the yoga postures correctly by moving my head around while I myself is holding at the yoga postures.

Therefore, I have learnt that although it is just a slight wrong movement while you are holding at a yoga posture is enough to cause stain to your muscles and injury!

Why The Material Of The Yoga Clothing Does Matter

Besides wearing a proper yoga clothing, the material of the yoga clothing does make a different too especially for those women who have sensitive skin. A comfortable material of a yoga clothing will help you feel good during your yoga workout.

Just imagine while you are doing your yoga workout, you are feeling itchy here and there. You can’t focus and concentrate on your yoga posture and breathing at all.

Some materials also help to absorb your sweat and dry fast therefore you do not have a sticky feeling on your skin with a wet yoga clothing.

If you are wearing a nice feeling and comfortable yoga clothing, you can have a peace of mind to be able to focus and concentrate on your yoga workout.

Why A Proper Sport Bras For Women Is Important

Physical activity makes breasts movements which can cause soreness, pain and sagging. Sport bras are made to reduce this movement. If you workout without a proper sport bra, you are more at risk of developing back and breast pain.

There are a number types of sport bras. Your sport bra should feel a bit tighter than a regular bra, however, you should be able to breathe deeply and comfortably. A good quality sports bra will support your body.

Same here, if you are not wearing a proper sport bra, you cannot focus and concentrate on your yoga workout. It is not advisable to wear a regular bra or use a standard t-shirt bra for your yoga workout.

Help To Lift Up Your Mood


By wearing a nice and comfortable yoga clothing and sport bra can help to lift up your mood before you even start your yoga workout.

It is the same explanation as by smelling some nice fragrant can help to lift up your mood.  By listening to nice and relaxing music will help you to feel calm and relax.

As long as any of our five senses sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are being stimulated will help to lift up our mood.

When your mood is lift up, you will feel good and more enjoyable in whatever you are doing.


What Is The Best Yoga Clothes For Women

So to come to a summary. The best yoga clothes for women is it helps you to feel safe so you can have a peace of mind

which will enable you to focus and concentrate on your yoga workout and breathing.

A nice and comfortable feeling with your yoga clothes will help to lift up your mood to enjoy your yoga workout.

So if your yoga clothes can help you to feel safe feel good, it is the best yoga clothes for you!

It is worth it to pay some attention to your yoga clothing as feeling safe and good is priceless! Take care of your body and mind. Enjoy your yoga workout!..:-)

Please feel free to leave any comments below or anything you would like to share about after reading my post or any questions you have are all welcome.  I am more than happy to read your comments and sharing, and to help you with your questions..:-)  Thank you!





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