Yoga Clothes for Kids

Yoga Clothes For Kids

Nowadays being kids are not easy and more stressful. Therefore, yoga classes for children are getting popular too. Yoga is for everyone! Yoga not only benefits the adult but yoga benefits to the kids too.kid-yoga

Teenager with age 12 years old and above can join an adult yoga class too. I have come across a few mothers together with their teenager children joining my yoga class. Especially during school holiday period, there is an increase of kids and teenagers joining a yoga class.

I realize most of the yoga clothing are for adult. It’s not easy to find children yoga clothes. Therefore, I have created this website in order to help everyone, whether for men, women or kids to find their yoga clothing.


What Is The Journey Of Life

Firstly, we have to understand why is yoga getting popular for kids too. What are the benefits of yoga for kids. In fact, the yoga benefits to the kids is far more than the adult.kid-yoga

Why do I say that? Because yoga help to develop the right mindset and habit for kids so that it can help them to be a healthy and better person in life when they grow up. Yoga is a journey of self discovery.

While for the adult to change their mindset and bad habits will take more effort and time to change. It is always much easier to learn something start at young age. Nevertheless, it is still not too late for adult to learn new things by changing their mindset and bad habits.

The journey of life is a learning process regardless of age. Therefore, there is always a saying, you are never too old to learn.

As a parent, we always want to give the best to our children. It is the responsibility of a parent to help their children to learn to be a better person.


What Are The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Yoga helps kids to develop body awareness and learn how to use their body in a healthy way. The kids will learn how to manage stress through breathing, awareness and healthy movement.kid-yoga

Yoga also help kids to build their concentration and increase their confidence and positive self-image. Yoga teaches them to be self-acceptance. To accept and cherish themselves as they are. Learning there is non-competitive.

Learned young, this valuable lesson with help kids to fight off the increasing feelings of self-doubt that come during the teen years and beyond.

Yoga also teaches acceptance and tolerance of others. The kids learn that all living beings are to be cherished and respected as they are, therefore helping to create more peaceful world in our future.

Yoga helps kids to remain physically active and healthy as a lifestyle. The bodies are strong that digest food better, maintain a healthy weight and can support the stress of carrying heavy loads, like a backpack. The bodies will also breathe better, work more efficiently and protect the joints.

Balancing poses help kids to increase focus which promote stillness and quieting of the mind. This can help kids deal with the stress of living in a chaotic world where constant stimulation is a regular part of life.


Why It Is Important To Wear A Proper Yoga Clothing


Kids are very active. They usually have big body movement.

Therefore, if they are not wearing a proper yoga clothing, there will be some restriction to their stretching when they try to do certain yoga postures.

They can’t do their best because of the restriction. It is worse than it might cause injury to them if they force it through the restriction.


Why The Material Of The Yoga Clothing Does Matter

Besides wearing a proper yoga clothing, the material of the yoga clothing does make a different too especially for kid-yoga

those kids who have sensitive skin.

A comfortable material of a yoga clothing will help the kids feel good during their yoga workout.

Kids usually sweat more and easily since they are very active.

Therefore, by having the type of materials that can dry fast will help to prevent the wet clothing from sticking to their skin.


Best For Our Children

We always want to do and give the best to our children. To help them to develop into a better person and have a kid-yoga

bright future. To have a healthy mind and body.

By providing them with a safe, nice and comfortable yoga clothing can help them to have a safe and enjoyable yoga session.

And having a nice and trendy yoga clothing will also help the kids to look forward to going to class and have some fun!

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  • marketa

    Hi Janet and thanks for your informative article.
    I think kids also really enjoy getting into the feel with the yoga clothes. It’s like dance or soccer or whatever sport they do; they feel a part of the activity if they have special clothing to go with it.

  • Jeff

    I thank you for writing this article on Yoga Clothes For Kids, and the proper clothing is just as important as the proper form when practicing your yoga even when a kid.

    What are your thoughts on yoga should be a part of every child’s education in school, I feel if this had been a part of my school classes I would have not suffered from chronic anxiety until I was an adult in my mid-thirties?

    Yoga and meditation have been the key to me overcoming many of my anxiety issues today, so I recommend every parent who reads this article consider introducing both of these to your child at an early age.

    Thank you,


    • Janet

      Hi Jeff. Thank you for sharing your thought. Yes, I do agree with you. If everyone start to learn yoga since kids, this world will be a better world to live denfinitely. Yoga is more than a yoga poses. It’s not workinng on the physical, but on the mental as well. Nowadays people including kids getting stress is all a mind problem. Mind and body are connected. Bescause they doesn’t know how to handle it therefore it become a stress to them. How we think is how we feel.

      And we are not individual. We are all connected with every beings and everything in this planet. Learning to love and help one another is also part of yoga teaching.

      Hope your thought sharing will help the parents to consider letting their kids to learn yoga too. Thank you again for your sharing!

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