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Why High Quality Products More Popular

Do not confuse high quality with luxury.  A savvy consumer will know the difference and chooses well-made products to streamline and stabilize their busy life.

Here are some reasons why paying a little more for a well-made product is often a very smart move.


Better Customer Care

Brands that build their reputation on high quality products are playing for long term relationship game. Therefore, they have better customer care service. Their goal is to build a brand following of extreme loyalty fans.

Companies with high quality products ususally reflect the same excellence in other areas of their business beyond the products themselves.



Rewarding Honest Businesses

These are honest businesses who care more about their reputation than gaining an extra 2% profit margin from you. It is called character.

And also when you buy high quality products, you send a message to the wider market that you disapprove dishonest businesses and selling poor quality products.


Keeps More Jobs At Home

Many premium domestic companies have managed to survive and develop well by going upmarket and produce levels of quality that are not attainable on a mass produced level.

This of course means more jobs stay at home and more money stays in our economy.  And quality control is held to much higher standards because everything can done under one roof.


More Reliability

Higher quality products will pay off big time in terms of reliability.  This is especially critical when your safety is at stake or the item is in frequent use.

High quality products will bring a level of reliability that also reduces maintenance costs, down time and stress as well.



Premium Features/Multitasking

Top quality products are often intentionally being designed to do more than one task quite well or work within a very well thought-out eco-system of products.



Longer Product Support/Parts Availability

Replacement parts and product service on long-lasting products usually are measured in a period of ten years.  When it comes to vehicles this is especially true.



Environmental Sustainability

The simple fact is that higher quality products usually last much longer which means that there is far less waste in our landfills.

High Quality products are far more likely to be serviceable too. That means they can be repaired multiple times instead of just getting thrown out.



Better Warranties

Higher quality products have better warranties.  Yes, higher quality products do cost more but it is nice to know that you are covered in the unlikely event of a product failure.

Companies with well-made products are not afraid to back them with solid warranties. They are confident and proud of their products.


It’s a Better Plan for a Rainy Day

No one knows what will tomorrow brings.  Many don’t realize just how much well-made products can actually cushion them during hard times period.

Choosing high quality products is a smart move for people who understand the rainy-day principle.



Cost Savings Over Time

You don’t always save money when you go up-market.  However, since well-made products generally last much longer, your cost savings can actually be quite substantial especially with items you use frequently.

If you use an item on a routine basis, you will likely save a lot more money by paying extra for the better quality item up front.



Superior Product Satisfaction

Good quality products bring satisfaction and effortless when you use them.  For example, it is the effortless slice of perfectly weighted chefs knife in hand.



No “Reselection Cost”

“Reselection Cost” is the time and energy wasted researching in order to replace disappointing or broken products.

We all know the internet is full of fake reviews and misleading marketing.  Therefore, finding the truth about a product is like chasing the end of the rainbow. It is a painful process for quality conscious consumers.

Re-researching and re-buying so unnecessary if we had just chosen better quality product from the start.



Better Over-all Functionality

Anything you can do they can do better. That is generally what high quality products do.  They just do it better.

Eventually even when your high quality product does reaches the end of its useful life, you won’t need to do any research for a replacement. You will already know that you are going to get another one which is exactly the same anyway.



Higher Resale Value

In general, if a product can lasts longer the market will reward it with a stronger valuation over time.

So, if you plan on trading in your car every few years, to minimize your losses by choosing a vehicle with a rock-solid reputation.



Pride of Ownership

Whatever it may be, every time you look at your wise purchase you will be reminded that you are a freaking connoisseur in your own right. That is something to be proud of.  You will have a satisfaction feel at the wisdom of your quality purchase.



Independent Mindset

Choosing higher quality products, its a noted trait of savvy consumers.

People who value high quality products, won’t settle for the cool-aid of the masses. Often, but not always, the best quality products are actually not well known to the wider market.



Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a big deal especially when it comes to protecting valuables and personal safety. Unfortunate incidents do happen but you can sure as heck reduce them by choosing durable and well-built products.


Anything To Share?

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