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Why Do People Buy Brand Names Product

Consumers are increasingly choosing quality over price.  Quality is what a product can do for a customer.quality7

Product quality is also how well the product does what it is supposed to do and how well it holds up over time.  Some people view quality as a price point while others appreciate a product because it is Eco Friendly.

Regardless of the various viewpoints from the public, product quality is a competitive point for brands that affects purchasing decisions and profitability.

Therefore, brands and marketers can’t afford to overlook product quality.


Why Brand Name Company Take Product Quality Seriously

  • Building Trust With Customer

Many believe that businesses will not succeed if they can’t build customer trust. Potential sales are lost because a brand fails to make a deeper connection with prospective buyers. When they gain the confidence and loyalty of customers, they are able to do more with their business. The quality of their services and merchandise is one way to help them get customers to appreciate and believe in what they have to offer.



  • Word of Mouth & Social Media Recommendations

About 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising when making a purchase decision. This is why when it comes to influencing consumers, there is nothing comes close to beating word of mouth.

Word of mouth can be a persuasive factor in purchasing decisions for both online and offline. Friends and family want to know if someone who is similar to them had a good experience with a product. The higher quality product a company has to offer, the better chance they will have at driving positive reviews, recommendations and shares between consumers.



  • Produces Less Customer Complaints & Returns

High-quality brands will obtain more repeat purchases.  By spending more time and money upfront perfecting a product before it hits the market will minimize customer complaints and returns.

It is common for sellers of high-quality brands to spend more to persuade customers to try their goods since the present value of a trial purchase is larger. The more successful companies are at pleasing customers during their initial experience with a product, the more likely they will be to see repeat purchases from those same people.



  • People Care About Aesthetics

One dimension of quality is how a product feels, looks, tastes, smells or sounds.  There are so many similar product options out there these days.  Therefore, unique attributes and designs have a big impact on purchasing decisions.  Many people care more about the look of a product.



  • Produce a Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Studies has showed a strong positive association between quality and profitability. In fact, high quality products produces a higher return on investment (ROI) for any given market share. Fewer defects or field failures result in lower manufacturing and service costs too.

As long as these gains exceed any increase in expenditures by the firm on defect prevention, profitability will improve. Improvements in performance, features or other dimensions of quality will lead to increased sales and larger market shares.




Why High Quality Products More Expensive

Consumers generally buy off-brands for the price benefits.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It is still a benefit!  It all come to what kind of benefits you are looking for.   However, we have to understand that cheap price doesn’t come alo-yoga-wear3with high quality products.  For this we have to bear in mind and can’t complain about the quality.

As we have to understand that for a product to reach that high quality, the resource of the materials does matter.  And there is lot of work, control and process involve before the final product piece is launched.  All these are part of the cost of goods.

To have a better understanding what those brand name companies do in order to maintain the high quality of their products, you may like to check it out for more details at their website as follow by the clothing brand names.

List of Brand Names Clothing


Brand Name vs Generic Products

Have you ever wonder why do people buy brand names?  People are willing to pay for the price.  There is a reason for everything.  By understand the reasons might change way you see things.  It will help you to become more open quality5

minded and learning accept others.  Being accepting others will help to make your life more easy and interesting instead of full of complain, frustration and jealousy.

People buy brand name products for many type of reasons.  From having good experiences with the brand in the past to wanting to portray a certain image, many people are extremely loyal to their beloved brands.

Brand name company usually take product quality seriously.  Therefore, one of the reason why do people buy brand names product is because of the product quality.


  • Confidence in Experience

People generally buy a product for the first time in hopes that it provides a quality experience. Example like they hope a computer works efficiently and helps them perform their personal or work tasks effectively. They buy food in the hope for a quality taste or nutritional value.

Recognized brand names usually have shown a consistency in product quality that has contributed to the evolution of the brand.  Often, people rely on prior experiences or public word-of-mouth when selecting brands.



  • Social Acceptance and Fitting in

Whether at school, work or in social circles, people have a desire to fit in.  For this reason, people sometimes buy brands because they believe the brands will contribute to greater social acceptance and this is especially true in fashion.

Consumers often buy clothing brands that are either regard as fashionable, trendy or high class, or that fit into a particular subculture or peer group.



  • Customer Loyalty to Brands

Over time, customers develop loyalty to brands that provide a consistent, high-quality experience.  Loyalty is basically an emotional attachment to a brand.

Brand loyalty causes customers willingly to inconvenience themselves or spend more for a particular brand. Developing a strong company brand or carrying desired product brands leads to more customer loyalty and long-term business benefits.


  • Personal or Professional Image

People do have identities just as company or product brands.  Some people buy certain brands to support their personal or professional image.


Do you like to share your thought?  You are welcome to leave your comments or thought below.  I am more than happy to receive your comments and know what is your thought…:-)




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  • Anne

    I typically will buy a brand name product repeatedly because I trust the quality of the brand. Often times people will associate quality with the brand as synonymous. I’m the type of person who is willing to try different things but once I find something I’m happy with, I’ll generally tend to stick with it.

    • Janet

      Hi Anne. Thank you for your sharing! A good quality products can help us to prevent unnecessary problem from using the products too. Somehow only branded companies will bother to build that trust with their customer by offering good quality products.

      Me too, I will usually stick to the same brand products if I’m happy with it…:-)

  • Teri

    I thought your article was very interesting. Perhaps I have a sort of reverse-snobbery when it comes to brands, as I am the type of person to avoid many branded products as I just don’t think they are worth the price premium, things like clothes, home consumables, etc. However, with more high value products like technology or home appliances I would probably go for a well established brand, because of its reputation and the reassurance that brings. Interesting psychology!

    • Janet

      Hi Teri. Thank you for sharing your thought! I guess it depend on what we are looking for and what situation or stage of life we are into that make us to decide what are worth the price. For people whose job maybe need to deal with those high class rich clients, might think that having some branded things in appearance will help them to connect better with their clients. Therefore, whether it is worth the price really depend on individual. Most important is we ourselves feel good and worth it and at the same time respect others as well.

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