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What is the Correct Way of Breathing

So, Chest Breathing vs Abdominal Breathing.  Which is the correct way of deep breathing?  And how to you identify the difference between them.

It is important to learn the correct way of breathing because you can actually change your state of mind and body by changing the way you breath.

I have upload a new video on my Katimera Yoga YouTube Channel which will help you to answer all the above questions.


What Are the Causes of Wrong Breathing

After all, breathing is a subconscious process. It’s something your body does naturally, so how did it get to the point where it was breathing incorrectly?  In this new video, you will also learn about what are the causes of incorrect breathing.

By changing your breathing may alter your mental and physical state. You can’t change what’s going on around you. However, you have the ability to change what is going on inside of you.

It is not too late to learn the proper method to breathe right now.

By doing deep breathing will offer you with a pleasant experience and awareness if you incorporate it into your yoga practice.  After all, yoga is about working with your breath.

You must see it for yourself!

There is a blog post on The Importance of Breath in Yoga which you might like to read it too.


I have created Katimera Yoga Channel – with the aim to share the knowledge of yoga.  In order to enrich with the knowledge of self-healing and discovery through the practice of Yoga.

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Please learn and watch the video HERE now.  Enjoy!



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