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What Is No Mind State

A no mind state is a state of no thought. Before you come to a state of no thought, you must learn how to keep your attention away from your thought. When a thought has lost its attention, it will stop disturbing you as time go by.

A no mind state become purely being. By just being with no thought and judgment, this will help to open up your mind to a clearer and bigger picture.

Your awareness and mindfulness will increase. You will feel more calm, peace and at ease. Because you are able to see the beautiful side of the world finally.


How To Become More Mindful

Some people might question at no mind state, how can it turn out to become more mindful? Because when you are at a no mind state, your mind is no more clouded with thought. Therefore, you can have a clearer mind and become more aware of what is going on inside you and around you.

The HeartMath ExperienceThought in you mind will create a blockage between you and the world. This is where separation being form. You can put this thought like a cloud. When the sun in the sky is covered by the cloud, you don’t see the sun, you see the cloud only.

But that doesn’t mean the sun is not there. It’s there, you just don’t see it. When your cloud (thought) is removed, you see the beautiful sun finally, you manage to see the beautiful side of the world around you.

You have a clearer mind to see a bigger picture. Just like you able to see the full sun in the whole sky now. You are able to see the beautiful world around you. It actually all along is there, you just don’t see it, just like you don’t see the sun behind the cloud.

You become aware of the surrounding lives – the trees, the plants, the flowers, the butterflies, the birds, etc. You can feel the lives in them. Some people might ask how to feel? Just focus on your heart and feel them and keep at no mind state. Everyday practice it, you can feel them.

Do you know that our heart can generate out a high vibration energy? Therefore, it can sense the surrounding energy. This explain why some people can sense something feel good or uneasy when they are at certain place.

You just have to open up your heart and feel it! To learn more about Heart Coherence, you may check it out at my another blog post HERE.

There are more other heart coherence related blog posts HERE too.


How To Use Your Mind

Some people might ask is it mean that our mind is useless? Is it a problem maker? NO! The mind is useful when you use it in the right way and right time. It’s a useful tool. You need the mind when you need to work, to do thing, to solve problem, to do self inquiry.

But the problem with most of the people with the mind is they have problem quiet the mind when they don’t need it or they have used it in the wrong way.

JanetYogaSpirit DESIGNJust like a knife is a useful tool as you can use it to cut fruits and vegetable. But it becomes a problem when people use it to kill and hurt someone.

The problem is not the knife or mind because they are just tools. The problem is the user. Okay, I know some of you might have problem getting it.

Let go deeper into it and we can put it this way. We are the user of our mind (tool) to decide how we are going to use the knife (another tool).

Can you see the picture of it now? Both the mind and knife are just tools. The main character is YOU, the user. Have you ever question yourself who am I?

When you identify yourself are the body, the mind, that is where you have lost yourself because the body and mind are just tools, they are not YOU. Then where am I? Who am I? This is what self-inquiry is about. You ask question to yourself using your mind, but you don’t try to get the answer by using your mind to think of an answer.

You have to do self-inquiry with a no mind state when you are in seeking for an answer. You won’t get the right answer here by using your mind to think.

Self-inquiry is another deep topic which I shall not continue here. My purpose is just to explain to you when to use the mind to think at the right place. We shall just focus on the topic of mind here.


You Are Not Your Mind

Some people might be asking how to stop the mind because their mind has gone out of their control.

There is a reason why you have lost control of your own mind and you can’t stop your thought now. Because you have identified yourself with too many things with your mind.

As long as you don’t realize that you are not your mind, you will keep putting on more identification to yourself with your non-stop mind.

It’s because of all these identifications you have put on yourself that keep you believe that you are the mind.

It’s impossible to completely stop your thought immediately now. It’s like a fan spinning fast and you cannot expect it to stop immediately with the power off. It will take a while to completely come to a stop after the power is off.

You have to stop giving attention to your chatter mind now by keeping a distance away from it.  It will lose it power and stop disturbing you slowly as time go by.

Hereby, I would like to share a video by Sadhguru who has explained on how can the mind be quiet.  Please enjoy.

How Can the Mind Be Quiet? – Sadhguru


More To Share

I will share with you in my next blog post what are the ways you can use to help to quiet your mind by putting your attention on the right place instead on your chatter mind.

In my previous blog post, I have actually written another article related to mind. You might like to check it out HERE.

If you have any thought or experience you would love to share with me and my readers, please feel free to leave them in my comment box provided at the bottom. I am more than happy to hear from you.

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  • Ivan

    Hey, Janet, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoy reading your articles because I learn something new about the spiritual side of me every time.

    One of my top practices for bringing my mind to no mind state is running. If I have, as you said, identified myself with too many things at once, running helps to clear the mind and eliminate toxic, negative, and useless thoughts and help to focus on now and what is important.

    Once again, great article and keep up the good work!

    • Janet

      Hi Ivan. Glad that you enjoy reading my articles and do learn something new every time. It’s my pleasure to share. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your way of bringing your mind to no mind state. This at least help to give some ideas to my readers what ways they can use. I will share some of the ways that help to bring the mind to no mind state in my next blog post.

      Keep connected! Thank you. 🙂

  • Natalie

    This is such an interesting topic. I mainly know about the form of mindfulness which trains focus so I loved reading about the no mind state.

    I have experienced periods of it in the past but it has really only been moments here and there. I haven’t been able to do it of my own accord, more just by accident. So it was really great to read about how to cultivate this.

    I also found it really interesting what you said about heart energy and how your heart can send out high vibration. I look forward to reading more on this, thanks for the info 🙂

    • Janet

      Hi Natalie. Glad to hear that you enjoying reading my article on this topic and do have a moment experience of no mind state in your life.

      You will experience a kind of stillness within you when you are at a no mind state. Yes, it’s not easy to maintain at that state for very long. We have to just keep practice.

      Because we are so use to keep using our mind non-stop. So to change the habit to just only use it when we need it is not going to be easy but it’s not impossible.

      I will share my experience and some of the ways we can practice to cultivate this no mind state in my next blog post. See you soon again. 🙂

  • math

    We do believe that the brain is very powerful and you can control it to relax in time of need. This is helpful to try and relax fully.

    We do workout but not yoga. It sounds more peaceful and takes your mind away from distraction and focus on what is needed.

    We have found this to be helpful and will be looking forward to the next article to be updated with the latest of great relaxation.

    We are new to your site but really like to get into yoga more.

    Mathew & Deloris

    • Janet

      Hi Mathew & Deloris. Welcome to my site. Take your time to tour around my site for more yoga info. Let me know if you need any help.

      Yes, our mind is very powerful. It can make us a positive person and it can also make us a negative person. If you are in control of your mind instead of let it control you, I believe you will want to have a present experience in your life with your mind.

      Yes, yoga is working on our body, mind and soul. I have some past blog posts shared about some yoga info and you might be interested to read them. Just CLICK HERE.

      If you study deeply about yoga, yoga actually cover lot of things. You can also say that yoga is a way of life and living. I will share more in my regular blog posts. Just keep connected! 🙂

  • Patrick


    Excellent article. I often meditate from a long time now. While reading that article, I realise that yoga could be a good alternative to meditation.

    Yoga and meditation together are great for mind health. Good job.


    • Janet

      Hi Patrick. Thank you!

      Yes, yoga and meditation can go well together. Yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul. It actually more than just postures as what most people thought yoga is. Yoga is not an exercise. You might like to check it out my another blog post which explain what is yoga HERE.

      Give yoga a try and I believe you will enjoy it. 🙂

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