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What is Chakra Energy

We have learnt that everything is energy. Everything in existence in this world including our thought and feel all are energy. This has been proven by Quantum Science.

Therefore, this makes no different from chakras.


What Are Chakras

Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of our body. Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels.LOA-quiz

Chakra energy spins in a clockwise direction as it moves the energy of your body out into the surrounding field, and it spins counterclockwise to pull energy from your external world (and the people in it) into your body.

It is the frequency state of your chakras that determines the direction your energy will flow as they either draw energy into your body or release it outward.

The chakras can be open or closed, over-active or under-active, depending on how well energy is able to flow through them.

And that flow is determined by the open or constricted state of your body and energy body.

We have major and minor chakras in our energetic body systems. When a chakra is not functioning properly or if it is blocked, illness is more prone to occur. Our well-being on all levels can affect and is affected by the chakras.

If you endeavor to work on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, you can promote with ease the flow of energy through your chakras.

Yoga is one way, for example, that you can work to strengthen and enhance the flow of your chakra systems.

Clearing out clutter in your lives, physically and emotionally, helps to strengthen the flow of your energy. Forgiveness, love and gratitude greatly enhances your energetic health.


Chakras and Colour

Each chakra has a colour associated with it. Visible light gives off electromagnetic waves, vibrating across the field through time and space.

It depends on how quickly the waves are vibrating, your eyes will pick them up as different colours.

Red colour, for instance, is a lower frequency wave that looks like a slow roll and purple colour, on the other hand, is a high frequency wave with sharp peaks and valleys.

In fact, you can measure a wave in manometers and then determine its energetic strength! The chakra energies, vibrating at their different frequencies, likewise have different colours.


How Does a Chakra Work

A chakra may be a wheel, but it operates like a ball of energy interpenetrating our physical body. They are aspects of consciousness, and they interact with our physical and energetic body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system.

There are 7 major chakras. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the nine endocrine glands, and also with a particular group of nerves, called a plexus.chakras

Therefore, each chakra corresponds with particular parts of our body and particular functions within our body controlled by that plexus or that endocrine gland.

The chakras represent not only particular parts of our physical body, but also particular parts of our consciousness.

Our consciousness, how we perceive our reality, represents everything it is possible for us to experience.

All of our senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories, and each of these categories can be associated with a particular chakra.

When we feel tension in our consciousness, we feel it in the chakra associated with the part of our consciousness experiencing the stress, and in the parts of our physical and energy body associated with that chakra.

When you are hurt in a relationship, you feel it in your heart. And when you are nervous, your legs tremble and your bladder becomes weak.

When there is tension in a particular part of your consciousness, therefore in the chakra associated with that part of your consciousness, the tension is detected by the nerves of the plexus associated with that chakra and communicated to the parts of your physical and energy body controlled by that plexus.

When the tension continues over a period or reaches a particular degree of intensity, it creates a symptom on our physical level.

Again, the symptom serves to communicate to us through our body what we have been doing to ourselves in our consciousness.


Opening and Closing Chakras

The opening and closing of our chakras works like an energetic defense system. A negative experience, which the low frequency energy that comes with it, can cause the associated chakra energy to close in order to block that energy out.

Similarly, if you are clinging to a low-calibrating feeling like blame, prolonging the emotion because you refuse to deal with or let go, you close off the chakra (the channel through which the energy would otherwise escape).

As you open and heal your chakras, energy is able to flow freely once again and things return to normal.

Sometimes it is a matter of moving energy throughout your body, or tackling and extracting a difficult thorn that is stressing you out.

Each chakra’s connection to a key endocrine gland and nervous system in our body means that an energy deficiency could lead to serious physical consequences if we ignore it for too long.


Balance of Chakras

If one of our chakras is closed or under-active, there is a very good chance that another chakra will be over-active to make up the difference.

It’s because our body want to achieve energetic balance in our chakras, moving too far in either direction (under-active or over-active) in any one chakra can actually yield negative effects in our body and be counter-productive to the energy body and chakra healing process.

An under-active chakra kicks another chakra into overdrive, which in turn pulls extra energy away from that part of the body. Therefore, it is important to keep our chakras in balance.

In my next blog post, I will share with you how we may act or feel when our chakras get knocked out of balance and need healing. And also what the physical systems associated with each chakra and the potential physical symptoms that may tell you something is out of whack.



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  • Line P.

    Hello Janet,

    Very good information here. I know a little about chakras and had them balance one time in my live and beleive me, I should have continued to go because it made me feel really good at that time of my life.

    Very nice website you have here. Like it!!!


    • Janet

      Hello Lyne, Thank you for sharing your experience!

      Why not learn to balance your chakras yourself instead of going to someone to do for you? We are all energy beings. In other words, everyone of us can do it too.

      The book, Quantum Love, do provide the technique of chakras energy healing and balancing which you can learn it and do it on yourself. So that you can do it anytime or even everyday if you can. No need to depend on anyone. Isn’t better?

      Just believe in yourself. You have the power too!

  • Ekufaa

    Hello there. What a brilliant article. Indeed mindfulness practice is so close to home for me.

    I have felt the benefits of engaging in mindfulness activities over the years. I must admit though this is the first time I have come across the idea of using a chakra wheel.

    I like the fact that it operates like a ball of energy interpenetrating our physical body. The fact that it has an impact on the endocrine system and the nervous system means it helps improve both our physical and mental health.

    Great post and thanks for sharing! I have signed up for your newsletter:-)

    • Janet

      Hi Ekufaa. Thank you for signing up for my newsletter!

      Yes, you can put this chakra energy into your meditation too, known as chakra meditation. The author Dr. Laura Berman of the book Quantum Love also provide guided different chakra meditation for different purpose which allow you to download too.

      To me, this chakra energy can apply it anytime anywhere when you need to, not necessary must be in a sitting meditation state. Just using your mindful conscious mind to focus on which ever chakra you want to focus, you can sense the energy there.

      In my next blog post, I will share more details on each chakra which will help you to know which chakra to focus into when you have whatever problem you have with which ever part of your body. Stay connect with me!

  • Catherine

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about chakras.

    I’m curious about your next post, where you will tell us more about which chakra to focus on.

    Can you write something about how you can stimulate certain chakras, e.g. what’s the impact of color and how is this related to chakra healing?

    Wish you all the best,


    • Janet

      Hi Catherine,

      Yes, my next blog post will be ready for publish in coming weekend. Keep connected with me!

      There are too many information to share on each of the 7 chakras which are too much to digest on one blog post only.

      I will do a briefing on all the chakras and then follow by focus on one or two chakra at a time to share more in details in my coming more blog posts. Keep in touch!

  • Kevin McNamara

    Great post Janet!

    My partner, Joy, and I have a Facebook group where we do a live meditation once a day. Joy loves doing Chakra meditations. Your post is so thorough. Covers all bases.

    The Chakra energy is so amazing and the vibration I feel each time keeps me centred and grounded.

    Look forward to your next blog post.



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