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What Are The 7 Chakras

In my previous blog post, I have shared about the importance of chakras balance by explaining how does a chakra work, and opening and closing chakras.

If you have not read my previous blog post, I would recommend you read it first so that you have a better understanding of what is chakra energy. To go to my previous blog post, you may CLICK HERE.

As follows is showing how you may act or feel when your chakras get knocked out of balance and need healing as well as the physical systems associated with each chakra and the potential physical symptoms that may tell you something is out of balance.

The physical and energy body is going to keep sending you its message, amp up the intensity if it needs to, until you pay attention and engage in physical, mental, emotional and energetic chakra healing.


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The 7 Major Chakras

ROOT CHAKRAOver-active

Fearful, nervous, insecure, or not grounded; materialistic or greedy; resistant to changechakra-1st-info

Lacking a sense of being at home or secure anywhere, co-dependent, unable to get into one’s body, fearful of abandonment

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Adrenal glands, spine, blood, and reproductive organs

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Inability to sit still, restlessness, unhealthy weight (either obesity or eating disorder), constipation, cramps, fatigue or sluggishness




Overemotional, very quick to attach and invest in others, attracted to drama, moody, lacking personal boundarieschakra-2nd-info2

Stiff, unemotional, closed off to others, lacking self-esteem or self-worth, possibly in an abusive relationship

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Kidneys and reproductive organs: ovaries, testes, and uterus

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Lower-back pain or stiffness, urinary issues, kidney pain or infection, infertility, impotence




Domineering, aggressive, angry, perfectionist or overly critical of oneself or others chakra-3rd-info

Passive, indecisive, timid, lacking self-control

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Central nervous system, digestive system (stomach and intestines), liver, pancreas, metabolic system

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Ulcers, gas, nausea, or other digestive problems; eating disorders; asthma or other respiratory ailments; nerve pain or fibromyalgia; infection in the liver or kidneys; other organ problems




Loving in a clingy, suffocating way; lacking a sense of self in a relationship; willing to say yes to everything; lacking chakra-4th-info

boundaries, letting everyone in

Cold, distant, lonely, unable or unwilling to open up to others, grudgeful

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Thymus gland and immune system, heart, lungs, breasts, arms, hands

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Heart and circulatory problems (high blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart attack), poor circulation or numbness, asthma or other respiratory ailments, breast cancer, stiff joints or joint problems in the hands



Overly talkative, unable to listen, highly critical, verbally abusive, condescendingchakra-5th-info

Introverted, shy, having difficulty speaking the truth, unable to express needs

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Thyroid, neck, throat, shoulders, ears, and mouth

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Stiffness or soreness in the neck or shoulders, sore throat, hoarseness or laryngitis, earaches or infection, dental issues or TMJ, thyroid issues




Out of touch with reality, lacking good judgment, unable to focus, prone to hallucinations chakra-6th-info

Rigid in thinking, closed off to new ideas, too reliant on authority, disconnected or distrustful of inner voice, anxious, clinging to the past and fearful of the future

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Pituitary, eyes, brow, base of skull, biorhythms

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Vision problems, headaches or migraines, insomnia or sleep disorders, seizures, nightmares




Addicted to spirituality, heedless of bodily needs, having difficulty controlling emotionschakra-7th-info

Not very open to spirituality, unable to set or maintain goals, lacking direction

Associated Endocrine Glands & Organs
Pituitary and pineal glands, brain, hypothalamus, cerebral cortex, central nervous system

Physical Symptoms of Unbalance
Dizziness, confusion, mental fog, neurological disorders, nerve pain, schizophrenia or other mental disorders



The Chakras and Frequency

The energy of your chakras influences your physical processes via inhibition and stimulation. Remember, chakras are like wheels whose job is not only to keep energy moving, but also to constrict or close as a defense against negative energy.

In order to compensate for a constricted and under-active chakra, another chakra will become over-active, sending out our low-frequency vibes at a greater rate, which then requires further balancing in the chakra healing process.

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That in turn creates and prolongs a low frequency reality. As we have learnt that how vibration and frequency can affect our well-being in my another blog post on Benefits Of High Frequency.

When all the chakras are in balance, we are in the high frequency. Therefore, we definitely want to be a high vibrational being to attain peak health and wellness for our mind, body, and soul.

In terms of our consciousness and our physical self, really speaks to the relationship between the mind and the body. When we work on the body, the mind comes along for the ride, and vice-versa.

It is the same with our frequency and our chakra energy. When we are in ego frequency, it affects the flow of energy within our chakras and our physical and energy body as a whole creating more of a need for energy body and chakra healing, among other things.

However, as we clear, clean and heal our chakras by moving energy around, then we are also making a positive change in our frequency.

Just remember, if we are operating on a lower frequency, then we are creating our reality, because our five senses are picking up what we are applying our consciousness to.

And our resonant frequency is what we are putting out into the quantum field and what we are drawing into ourselves through our chakras, impacting our physical state.




We are all energy beings as it is proven by Quantum Science. Therefore, this chakras energy are in us regardless you believe it or not.

As you can see what our body, mind and emotion will go through when our chakras are out of balance. Therefore, it is important to keep our chakras balance for our health and well-beings.

If you would like to learn more and in details including to learn the technique of chakras energy healing, you might be interested to purchase the book, Quantum Love, by the author Dr. Laura Berman as the above information are from this book.




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  • Hannie

    It keeps amazing me what a body is and how everything is connected. Great to read this post.

    I love yoga and Tai Chi and things like that. And Shiatsu massages too. It’s such a pity I have nothing of the sort in my present neighborhood, really miss it.-:)

    • Janet

      Hi Hannie. Glad you enjoy reading my post.

      If you really love yoga and can’t find any yoga class in your present neighborhood, maybe you would like to go for a online yoga class.

      Online yoga class is much cheaper than real class and you can have the class at anytime anywhere. Therefore, it’s so much more convenient. If you are interested, you might be interested to check out my another blog post on Best Online Yoga Class.

      Of course, if you have the chance, still go for the real class as we human beings still need that human connection and interaction.

  • Ekufaa

    Thanks for another brilliant post Janet.

    I can relate to the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. I do experience headaches and sometimes insomnia from time to time, not so much vision problems though.

    However, I feel it is time I paid attention to my overall well-being.

    It is interesting to read on online Yoga classes too as an option that you have suggested in one of the comment. I will read on that post to understand how I can incorporate this into my lifestyle.

    In general, when there is an imbalance associated with any of these chakras, do you have other recommendation on how to balance them?

    • Janet

      You are most welcome, Ekufaa!

      There are other ways you can use to balance your chakras like chakra color meditation and crystals healing as each chakra is associated with different crystal. If you are interested to learn more about crystal healing, you may like to check this Crystal Healing Online Course HERE.

      You can also use breathwork to balance your chakras as there are different breathwork for different chakra. Our breath is our life force energy! Therefore, our breath is very powerful and important. You may like to refer to this book “The Energy Codes” which besides teach you the breathworks, but also yoga postures for each chakra with modified postures which are suitable for everyone.

      I actually have a blog post review on “The Energy Codes” book. If you are interested to learn more, you may visit my this blog post HERE.

      Hope the above information help you. Take care!

  • Andrea

    Hi Janet,

    Right today, I decided to give Yoga a chance and try it for the first time in my life. It looks like destiny that I found your post about chakras.

    Actually I heard about them in the past, but I’ve never deepened this topic. It is really very interesting to learn about their functions.

    Is Yoga really helping to balance chakras in case they are unbalanced? As a beginner do you suggest practicing it a few minutes a day, or for example 2-3 times a week for a longer session?

    Thank you for sharing,

    • Janet

      Hi Andrea. Yes, yoga does help in balancing chakras. Yoga for chakras can be done through breathwork, yoga poses and meditation.

      For breathworks, they are something you can do daily since we need to breath to live anyway! This book “The Energy Codes” has taught us the different breathwork for different chakra. You can check it out more details about this book in my another blog post review on this book HERE if you are interested.

      As for yoga poses, I would recommend you go for a full session yoga class 2-3 times a week as the experience will be better than just a few minutes a day on two or three poses only.

      But this a few minutes a day practice can still be done like in the morning when you wake up and before getting up from bed or in between the day when you sit too long and need a few minutes stretch of the body.

  • samuel

    Thanks for sharing this great content!

    I thought chakra only in anime haha. Thanks again for letting me understand more what are the 7 chakras.

    • Janet

      Hi Samuel. Chakras are real!

      It’s not too late to learn and understand about the chakras..:-) I will share more in my coming new blog post. Keep connected!

  • Habib

    I have heard alot about the 7 chakras in the past but never looked too much into it. Gosh! They play a massive part in your life which I never knew.

    I am going straight into aligning the root chakras first. I think that’s always been the issue for me ever since I remember as a child and I’ve experienced it’s impacting me throughout my life so far.

    I’m very grateful to have read your post which is so interesting and easy to follow. I’ve also bookmarked it to come back again.

    Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Habib. Thank you and you are always welcome back again!

      Glad that you get to learn which of your chakra got issue which you need to look into it after learning the information from my post.

      Yes, it’s good that we get to know ourselves better and resolve whatever issue being hidden inside us since past which become a resistance that holding us back from moving further in life.

      All the best to you!

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