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Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

Are you tired of watching everyone ELSE get what they want out of life?

Then THIS is for you.

Are you ready for what you want to easily just come to you without struggle?

Then YES, THIS is for you.

Would you like to claim your power and your voice and gain the courage to ask for what you want?

THIS is definitely for you!


About Dr. Sue

Let me introduce you to an amazing transformational leader and teacher who can show you how to do all of this and live from your soul and transform your life from the inside out.

I’d like for you to meet Dr. Sue Morter!

Dr. Sue is a renowned international speaker and founder of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science.

Dr. Sue is also the host of Healing Matrix on Gaia TV. She has also been featured in several documentary films, including “The Opus,” “The Cure Is…,” “Discover the Gift,” and “Femme,” and is the author of The Energy Codes ®: A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life.

And she’s inviting you to a FREE webinar where you will learn The 3 Secrets to Syncing Up Your Super Powers for Freedom, Flow & Fulfillment.


>> Register for the webinar here! <<<


The Best Time is NOW!

And there’s never been a better time than right NOW … to tap into your superpowers and become a powerful creator …
… The creator of your own life and world.

You have the power to determine your entire life experience and now you can learn to access your own guidance and intuition and get in flow with the universe to exponentially improve your result.

You can take back a little control over your life.

According to Eckart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, everything is created in the present moment.

You can’t be looking at the past or too far into the future if you want to align with the flow of the universe to bring you what you want.


What You Will Learn

During Dr. Sue’s free webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the REAL you (Hintn: It’s not who you think you are!)
  • Break free from negative and limiting thoughts and live in an expanded state
  • Tap the Universal flow of energy runing through you
  • Change the stories of your past opening you up to greater love and fulfillment
  • Heal your life on every level–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Experience deeper and more fulfilling relationships
  • Experience vibrant health and greater vitality (using a tool you already possess!)
  • Live your life in ease and flow for total fulfillment

Plus, at the end of the webinar, Dr. Sue will be opening up the lines for live coaching and Q&A.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Dr. Sue directly and discover insights on what’s been holding you back from a life of complete ease, joy and fulfillment.

Be sure to show up early to guarantee your seat and raise your hand or write in your questions so Dr. Sue can work with you.

What could be better than living life with flow and ease?

There is nothing better and I invite you to register now so you can get started.

>>> Register for the webinar here! <<<

I look forward to seeing you there! Because I will be there too!




I get to know about Dr. Sue after read her bestselling book, The Energy Codes. In fact, I have written a blog post on the review of this book which I have highly recommended.  If you are interested to learn more, you might like to check out this another blog post HERE.

I have actually got a copy of her free e-book, The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You From Fulfillment & Flow, by Dr. Sue a few days ago which actually free for a limited time. If you have not claim your free e-book, I would highly recommended you get it now.



You may visit my previous blog post HERE with more details about this free e-book. It’s FREE! So actually you don’t lose anything. But in return, you gain more instead!

If you like, you may just get this FREE e-book at below link.

<< Click here to receive your free copy >> 

As for her this FREE webinar, I have save my seat already to learn more too!  I’m sharing this great news here with everyone because I don’t want you to miss out this!

>> Register for the webinar here! <<<


Please note that they release 3 dates only for booking at a time.  Once that date is passed or fully booked, then the next new date will be available for booking.

Here are the webinar days/times:

  • Thursday, July 16 at 7pm Eastern
  • Saturday, July 18 at Noon Eastern
  • Sunday, July 19 at 4pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, July 21 at 2pm Eastern
  • Thursday, July 23 at 7pm Eastern
  • Sunday, July 26 at 1pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, July 28 at Noon Eastern
  • Thursday, July 30 at 8pm Eastern
  • Sunday, August 2 at 2pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, August 4 at 8pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, August 5 at 5pm Eastern
  • Thursday, August 6 at 8pm Eastern

I use Savvy Time for the Time Zone Converter to check my time in my country.  There are many time zone converter in the internet.  You can simply do a search and choose one to help you to convert.

So please try to come out a date and time to make yourself available for this FREE webinar to learn more.  Who know? It might change your life to a better life!




P.S. Register for Dr. Sue’s FREE ONLINE WEBINAR and you’ve taken that very important first step to understanding how the universe works. Dr. Sue will share with you The 3 Secrets to Syncing Up Your Super Powers for Freedom, Flow & Fulfillment.

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Do you have any thought you would love to share? Especially for those who have read Dr. Sue’s free e-book, The Top 3 Mistakes That Keep You From Fulfillment & Flow.

If yes, please feel free to drop them in my comment box that has provided at the bottom and I am more than happy to hear from you.

And don’t forget to register your seat for the FREE webinar with Dr. Sue! See you there!




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  • AJ

    This is right up my alley. I know for a fact that what she teaches works, and being able to hear it from other people is fantastic.

    How long have you been following her? I follow Bob Proctor!

    • Janet

      Hi AJ. Yes, I know Bob Proctor. I guess anyone who has watched “The Secret” movie should know him..:-)

      I starts follow Dr. Sue Morter after read her bestseller book, The Energy Codes, which I feel so resonated because her book help me to understand finally something that I have learnt from a guru in the past and my past experience. Everything start to make sense to me.

      Besides Dr. Sue Morter, I have also followed Sadhguru, Dr Joe Dispenza, and more. These people help to keep me inspired and on the track.

      • Jude

        Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us Janet, I really love it.

        I actually am learning and applying the law of attraction more in my life so this definitely resonates with my journey.

        I don’t know Dr Sue Morter yet but will definitely check this out, thanks a lot.


        • Janet

          Hi Jude. Yes, her teaching can go well with your law of attraction practice. In fact, you will learn how to make it works easier!

          Because once we are living our life as our soulful self, we are connected to the Divine. Therefore, we can have anything we want in life easier.

          Since the day we are born, we are being taught and conditioned by the society. We have forgotten we are a Divine Being who has the power. Therefore, we have to realise who we really are from the inside in order to get transform our life from the inside out.

          Please help to share with more people so that more people will benefits and have less suffering in the world. Thank you!


  • Natalie

    What an inspiring post! Who wouldn’t want to have more power to start creating their own life.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention – she sounds like a wonderful teacher and I look forward to learn a lot from her and seeing what I can implement in my own life.

    I’m ready to embrace achieving my dreams! Thanks for such a great post.

    What have you found the most transforming thing for you has been from her teaching?

    • Janet

      Hi Natalie. You are most welcome! I believe you will learn a lot from her.

      For me, I started to learn from her after reading her bestseller book, The Energy Codes. And I realise the free e-book she has created is part of what she has teach in her The Energy Codes book. What I have heard her Energy Codes Online Course teach even more than the book which I thought the book itself already cover a lot!

      I already got some transformation after reading her bestseller book. Therefore, I believe her online course should be even better.

      To answer your question, I have come to a realisation (like a sudden wake up) when I learn a particular part of her teaching. I have learn to forgive myself finally.

      There was a past experience happening which I cannot forgive myself and keep blaming myself all those years. When I think of the incident I will feel heart pain and tearing.

      After the realisation from her teaching, I no longer feeling heart pain and tearing when recalling the incident. I have forgive myself and no more blaming myself. It’s like I have letting go a piece of rock.

      This I would say is the most transforming thing to me from her teaching..:-)

  • samantha

    That is a very good information provided for people for their life. Because, many people are not fulfilled with their life and don’t know what can be developed.

    Actually, Dr. Sue is sharing good opportunity for the people and this post is more on the support for Dr. Sue’s work which are more valuable for the people.

    Thanks for sharing your more valuable post about this superpower and transforming your life from inside out.

  • A ekufaa

    Indeed a life full of true fulfillment is possible if you believe!

    However, the path to true fulfillment is one that entails constant learning to reach self-actualization.

    For that reason, I have signed up for The 3 Secrets to Syncing Up Your Super Powers for Freedom, Flow and Fulfillment webinar with Dr. Sue Morter.

    Many thanks for this!

    • Janet

      Hi Ekufaa. I believe you will enjoy and learn something from Dr. Sue’s free webinar because I have joined one of her free webinar already and I do learn something.

      In fact, you can also learn something during the Q&A session too on how she answer all those questions.

      Yes, I agree with you. We have to be in life learning mode constantly in this path. This is what is all about life! Life is not just eat and sleep only.

      Life is a learning journey. Through learning and experience, then we can have self-realization. We just have to keep moving forward and expand ourselves.

      Enjoy your learning!..:-)

  • Hannie

    I am going to look into it.

    I don’t know Gaia TV. Is that something only available in the States or is it online?

    Anyway, personal development and getting to know oneself are very important skills. Thanks, Janet.

    • Janet

      Hi Hannie. I’m sure you will learn something from the webinar with Dr Sue because I do!

      Dr. Sue is also the host of Healing Matrix on Gaia TV. Gaia TV is accessible on your mobile browser and web browser.

      This FREE webinar with Dr. Sue is done using Zoom. Once you register, they will send you an email with the link to join the webinar on the date you have registered.

      Enjoy your life learning journey!..:-)

  • Cynthia

    I have watched The Secret and read the book. I believe there is a lot to be said for “willing” something to happen, good or bad.

    I kind of go back and forth as to whether the thoughts make it happen or if it’s a psychic thing, as in me I just know what’s going to happen.

    In any case, I only know that things come out the way as I know they will. I have signed up for Dr. Sue’s seminar and look forward to it!

    • Janet

      Hi Cynthia. Thank you for sharing your thought.

      Yes, there is something deeper inside “The Secret”. People who just see or read it by the surface and apply it will not work. We have to learn to go deeper in order to understand how it work.

      It actually more than the thought. We have to understand how the whole universal work. I have a blog post about the 12 Universal Laws you might be interested to learn.

      I believe you will definitely learn something from Dr. Sue’s free webinar. It is all about the energy and our body, mind and soul. Enjoy your connection with her!

  • Chris

    Wow, this sounds so amazing and completely life changing.

    I’ve always wanted to hear from someone else on how they think they can change my life, but I’ve never been able to find the right person, but Dr. Sue sounds so amazing.

    She sounds like she knows what she is doing and is well educated on this certain topic. I’m so glad I got to stop by your article to read this fascinating information.

    I’d love to purchase some of her products one day.

    • Janet

      Hi Chris. Glad to hear that you enjoy knowing her works.

      Dr. Sue actually is sharing her techniques through her life experience. And she has taught others too which works.

      I would highly recommend you to read her bestseller book, The Energy Codes, if you do like to learn more from her. Because I have read her book already. That’s how I get to know her!

      All the best to you..:-)

  • Alyse

    Great info on how to Transform Your Life From the Inside Out. I always wanted to learn more about yoga and take a class.

    I’m really looking forward to this webinar. Thanks for sharing.

    • Janet

      Hi Alyse. You are most welcome.

      Yes, in her this online course, you will learn some breathworks and yoga poses that work on different chakra.

      I’m sure you will enjoy the webinar. 🙂

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