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Top Yoga Clothing Brands


which originated in ancient India, but now it is so popular that it has go worldwide. Everywhere you can find yoga classes. You can also find yoga classes online too.Eagle-pose

In the early period, not many people think much about yoga clothing, yoga products and accessories. But as more people are into yoga practice, there will have a direct impact on the marketing of yoga clothing, yoga equipment and accessories throughout the world.

They start to look for the best yoga clothing, yoga mat and accessories to help themselves during their practice. Some even wear yoga clothing on the street after their yoga class. There are people who don’t practice yoga also wear yoga pants on the street because they like the look and comfort of it.

Before we learn about what are the best yoga clothing brands in the market, let us understand why there are so many yoga clothes brands in the market now.


Why There Are So Many Yoga Clothes Brands In The Market Now


Research has reported on “Yoga clothing Market 2019-2025” shows insights on how manufacturers are following new technologies. They are planning to invest more into the production, product development to increase market share. The yoga apparel market outlines that the industry has a promising future.

Global yoga clothing market is expected to reach a market value of USD 47.9 billion by year 2025 according to Dallas, United States, on 25th June 25 2019. Yoga apparel manufacturers are constantly developed to achieve better customer satisfaction in regard the technology and features of their products.

Therefore, you can find many yoga clothes brands in the market now.



Type Of Yoga Clothing In The Market

The global yoga clothing market is divided into yoga shorts, yoga pants, yoga unitards, yoga tops, yoga Capri and others. The yoga pants segment dominated the market with a share of nearly 36.1% in year 2017.

Yoga pants are available in various styles and types. They include traditional boot-cuts and smoothed yoga pants, as well as the more common and popular yoga pants which yoga pants are usually black, flared, cut and tight.

The key element of yoga pants are high elasticity and flexibility, which increases demand for various purposes. Yoga pants, however, are mainly intended as yoga pants. But as a mainstream clothing purpose yoga pants are popular too.


The Best Yoga Clothes

Yoga clothes are adapted to the needs and requirements of the yoga practice. Therefore, they need to be good in quality. However, that all comes at a price too.


I have wear a cheap and poor quality of yoga pant. After wear it once, I don’t feel like wearing it anymore after I have better choice of yoga pants in my wardrobe. The feeling of the materials of the yoga pants doesn’t make me feel good especially when I sweat during my yoga practice.

When you just start your yoga journey, obviously you don’t want to make an investment in case you are not interested in it after try it out. But once you have regular practice, you will notice that there is a difference.

The leggings need to stretch 4 ways so that they don’t squeeze anywhere in any of the yoga postures. If that’s not the case they will pull or dig into your flesh and the stitching might even end up coming off.

The leggings also need to be high rise and have a wide waist band. They should sit nicely and comfortable on top of your hips and don’t slip down showing your underwear.

They need to be completely non-transparent too as I believe you don’t want your yoga teacher or anyone around you can see your underwear when in certain yoga postures.

And most importanyoga-pose

t your yoga clothes need to breeze. You will sweat and if your yoga clothing don’t help evaporate the sweat or the fabric is too synthetic, you can imagine what will happen.

When we do yoga we release toxins in the sweat. It is not just sweat only. This can also give you rashes, itchiness, pimples or even make you feel suffocated and unwell.

Two things need to be considered when buying for the yoga top for women. That it should cover and hold the bust completely and it doesn’t roll down. When going upside down postures, you don’t want your bust ejecting and your belly showing right?

Yoga tanks are usually made of a material that is non-slip. The top will stick to the pant and no matter what you do it will stay there. On the other hand, running tops will slip and roll down, but they are cheaper.

As for the yoga bras, make sure they offer the right amount of support for you even if you think you are not very busty. A good yoga bras, it should stay in place when you jump or go upside down.


Best Yoga Clothes Brands



is probably the top brand of Yoga clothes. Lululemon athletica is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits which was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998.

Lululemon has trademarked its original fabric, Luon, which included a higher-than-average amount of nylon microfiber, in 2005. Since then, the company has produced several types of fabrics, including compression and moisture-wicking designs.

Lululemon is also a part of The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which ensures environmental impacts are measured and solutions are made.


Alo Yoga

specializes in studio-to-street styles that are comfortable and functional but yet fashionable enough to wear just about anywhere. Their yoga wear truly is high performance, compressing and shaping the body to help you take your practice just a little further.



got its start in twenty years ago. Manduka’s yoga clothing are designed to last as long as possible to reduce environmental waste. They also use recycled polyester, plant based materials and organic cotton to ensure that their yoga wear is always sustainable.


Body Angel Activewear has taken its inspiration from fashion all over the world. Body Angel Activewear offers some of the most eye-catching yoga clothes around with prints inspired by Colombia’s Carnival celebrations, Indonesian Batik prints, and hippy tye-dye.



is one of the most eco-friendly activewear brands around. All of their clothes are made from recycled polyester, recycled wool or organic cotton. Even the materials the customers don’t see are sustainable.

If you are looking for yoga wear that protects the environment and promotes fair labour practices, prAna is for you.



‘s relaxed-fit clothes look absolutely luxurious and you will find plenty of cute and comfy form-fitting options at Onzie as well. Onzie’s yoga wear is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry with their Free-Flow Fabric technology that is extra quick-drying.

Onzie‘s products are also made 100% in the United States using American sourced materials.



is another yoga wear brand that emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly as they take a unique approach to going green. In addition to using recycled and organic fabrics, they have also pioneered a DryDye technology that saves an average of 4.5 gallons of water for every garment they make.

Their Recycled Featherweight Stretch Fabrics are also so quick-dry that you don’t even need to put them in the dryer, cutting down on energy use.


Outdoor Voices

has gained a cult following over the past few years especially among the social media influencers and is aiming to become “the No. 1 digital active brand”.

The brand offers technical apparel for men and women for recreation. And the clothes come in a variety of fun color options.


Girlfriend Collective is a fairly young brand in the activewear space with a strong focus on transparency. The brand is refreshingly open about its fabrics, which are recycled, and manufacturing process, which is perfect for anyone trying to be a more conscious consumer.


Vyayama focuses on ethical manufacturing and uses sustainably-sourced fabrics that have been certified safe for the skin which means none of the potential toxins involved in the production process can be absorbed by the skin.

Therefore, their products are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Titika is a Canadian activewear brand that is really into the athletic trend. All the pieces are meant to transition seamlessly between the yoga studio and the rest of your daily activities.

The pricing is pretty similar, if not a little cheaper than Lululemon. The company focuses on ethical manufacturing practices, which is always a plus.


Teeki is taking an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to activewear. All of their clothing is made in the U.S. from recycled plastic. If you are a fan of fun, interesting prints and colors, you will probably like what Teeki has to offer.


Yoga Democracy which founded in 2015, is committed to using recycled fibers for its clothing. Ninety-five percent of what the brand produces is made from recycled fibers and the company uses no water transfer process for dyeing.

Yoga Democracy has tons of variety when it comes to patterns, prints and colors.



has been around for ages, specializing mainly in dance wear for women, but offers a variety of activewear for different workout needs.


Best Yoga Clothes Brands For Yourself


Which brand is the best is really depended on individual as different people have different preference and purpose. Above list is just some recommended popular choice for your reference.

As long as those main key elements of the best yoga clothes apply, which brand you have decided to choose will be the best yoga clothes band for you.

Feel safe feel good with your yoga clothes and enjoy your yoga practice!

Please feel free to leave any comments below or anything you would like to share about after reading my post or any questions you have are all welcome.  I am more than happy to read your comments and sharing, and to help you with your questions..:-)  Thank you!





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