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The Self Healing Energy

Do you know that everyone of us has self healing power actually? Don’t forget everything is energy, we are all energy beings. We have the power in us.

Take for a simple example before we dive deeper. When you got cut in your skin, don’t your skin got heal itself after some days? Your body know how to heal itself. Can you see your have the self healing power in you?


Everything Is Energy

Everything around us is energy, including you and me. This explain why we can get electricity shock because we are made of energy too. Our breath is actually our life force energy. Without our life force energy, we won’t be alive.

Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics can explain more in details why everything is energy if you are interested to understand deeper.

Letting Go bookPeople who are sensitive enough can actually feel their own energy in their body. There are people who are much more sensitive can even feel the energy in their surrounding.

Most of the people can’t feel it because they are too attach to the outer world. They put all their focus in the outer world and don’t have time to focus and pay attention in their inner self.

If you don’t belief you are an energy being, just do this simple experiment.

Rub your hands hard and long enough until you feel the heat. Bring your hands apart now with your palm face each other. Do you feel something there in the space between your hands? What do you think that is? That is your energy!

Although we can’t see the energy with our eyes, but we can feel it. Doesn’t mean we can’t see anything there, there is nothing. Not everything can be seen by our physical eyes. Can you see the air? No. But you know there is air out there, because you can breathe.


How To Develop Awareness

To develop awareness of your energy, you need to work inward. Bring your focus and attention to your inner self instead of the outer world.

There are some practice which can help in the development of awareness by focus on the self awareness.


Awareness Meditation

Meditation help to bring stillness to the mind with no attachment to the thought. When you are in that stillness state, you are simply that Awareness self that are aware, watching and observing what you are experiencing inside you.

Even you have thought come in, it will come and go like a cloud as long as you don’t put your focus and attention on it and get attach to it.

Meditation can help to heal yourself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I have some blog posts touch on meditation that you might interest to learn more by CLICK HERE.

Awareness meditation is also known as body awareness meditation, breath awareness meditation, present moment awareness meditation, self awareness meditation, mindfulness awareness meditation, etc.

When you practices meditation regularly, you can develop your awareness of the energy inside you.


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Yoga is about the union of the body, mind and soul. Yoga is one of the best self awareness practice. It not only help you to become more aware of your body, but your mind too.

Breath work is one of the important part of yoga practice as we understand that our breath is our life force energy actually. So basically yoga practice work with your breath, body and mind to help to develop that awareness state inside you.

Yoga gets us in our bodies, makes us strong and vibrant, moves our blood and breath and aligns our bodies to be able to receive and build energy.

Through regular practice, you can feel the energy inside you.

Mostly people know Yoga as yoga postures which actually is just part of the yoga. Yogasanas (Yoga Postures) is a preparation of the body and mind before we go to the next stage Yoga Meditation.

If you are interested to understand what is yoga, you may visit my another blog post HERE.


Qigong and Yoga

Historically, qigong and yoga have different movements and postures and focus, but they both similarly use the breath to move energy and invoke a meditative state. Qigong and Yoga can also be used together to bring a more heightened awareness.

Both qigong and yoga practices bring you closer to your feeling of your bodies and help you to peel back layers of tension, trauma and feeling stuck.

They help you to quiet your minds and listen to your hearts. Both qigong and yoga also focus on optimal alignment for more effective energy flow within and around the body.

Qigong helps you to receive, move and procure energetic connection.


Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

If you think and feel yourself is worthless or powerless, you are vibrating at a low energy frequency actually. When you belief in yourself that you have the self healing power, you are vibrating at a high energy frequency. The power is inside you.

Energy-Codes-BookTo put it simple, low energy frequencies are known as negative energy and high energy frequencies are known as positive energy.

I actually have another blog post on Benefits Of High Frequency if you are interested to learn more.

Let me tell you a story here.

There is a patient who has gotten an illness that can’t be cure. One day, the doctor come to him said that he has a medicine that can cure his illness by one month.

So this patient take the medicine for one month and he really gets cure. But in actually fact, the medicine he was taking are just vitamin pill.

I guess some of you might have heard such similar story. What do you learn from this story?

It’s not the vitamin pill that cure this patient. It’s this patient’s self healing energy power has cured himself. Because of his belief that this medicine can cure his illness by one month has increase his energy frequency, activate the healing power inside him.

I have another blog post on How to Increase Your Vibration if you are interested to learn more.

So now you can see how importance it is to increase your vibrational frequency.


My Experience Story

I have been practices meditation for more than 20 years and practice yoga for more than 15 years. I don’t know since when I have developed this self healing power.

In fact, my initial intention of going into meditation and yoga practice is not for gaining self healing power.  I just happen during one of my meditation that I realize I can use the energy inside me to release my body pain and do self healing.

I can say I’m still learning how to go deeper into it. I can take days, months or even years to heal myself slowly depend on how deep is the injury.

The Power of Now bookMeditation is very powerful. I have mentioned earlier on, meditation not only can heal us physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

I can’t remember when is my last time visit doctor for common cough or cold as I can always use my self healing meditation and get recover without visit doctor.

I always have the belief that everyone of us has this self healing energy power inside us. We just need to learn how to activate it. I don’t see myself any different from others because we are all energy beings!

From my experience, your intention is very important. Make sure your intention is not out from your ego mind, but from your heart.

How to tell is from your ego mind or your heart? From your ego mind, it’s selfish. From your heart, it’s selfless.

And next, the importance is not the goal, but the every present moment along your journey. What I’m trying to say is you can set your goal. But you don’t live your life in the future goal. Instead, you should live in the present moment.

Take for example you want to develop your self healing energy power. So you just have to live in your every present moment in your daily practice regularly. You don’t count the number of days has gone and keep thinking when you are going to have that self healing energy power.

I have a blog post on Keep Life Simple which will help you to have a better understanding on how to live in your present moment.


Friend’s Experience

I have known a course mate during my yoga teacher training course who has shared with me her meditation experience. She has suffered an illness in the past and couldn’t find ways to get herself cure.

One day, a friend of her teach her to do meditation. She practices meditation at a park with lot of trees surrounding her early in the morning every day.

She actually is exchanging energy with the trees by releasing her negative energy out to the nature and receiving the pure nature positive energy from the trees. This is how she get herself heal!

Please note, I’m not telling you to replace all your treatment and medication that you are going through with meditation completely.  Meditation here is an alternative way, as an supplementary.

I have mentioned everything is energy. We are energy beings! Nature has a very high vibrational frequency energy. Therefore, one of the way to increase your vibrational frequency is by putting yourself in the nature which I have actually shared in my blog post How to Increase Your Vibration

If you still have problem accepting yourself is an energy being, there is a book which I highly recommended you to read – The Rainbow Tablets by Sia-Lanu Estrella.

The Rainbow Tablets book

Some of you might find that this book is too deep to understand. It’s okay! You don’t have to understand everything. I myself also don’t understand everything. At least certain percentage of it is good enough.

How much you can understand depend on individual. Your understanding will grow along your journey through experience and realization.

In fact, certain things you don’t have to understand, you just have to know. You can always come back to the book as many times as you like or need in your journey.


It’s Time To Share

So now it’s time for you to share your thought or any experience! Please feel free to leave them in my comment box provide at the bottom and I am more than happy to hear from you.

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  • Maria

    I find this post very interesting, Janet. I think I am one of those who has heightened energy. I am very sensitive and could feel things that other people can’t.

    I tried to do meditation before but I don’t think I’m doing it right as I easily get distracted. Maybe I need to focus more.

    I really need this right now…my brain keeps working even if I am asleep that’s why I wake up feeling tired.

    Thanks for reminding me about the power of yoga and meditation and the healing power I have within me. Namaste.

    • Janet

      Hi Maria. Yes, yoga and meditation can help with your active mind.

      Since your active mind affect your quality of sleep, learn to relax your body and mind especially during night time. Try to prevent any mind activities work at night.

      If you find that you have problem focus during meditation, you can try play 432 Hz music in the background while you are doing the meditation. Try to pay attention to your breathing instead of your thought during meditation.

      I have 2 blog posts about how to quiet your mind that you might be interested to look into.

      How To Quiet A Mind
      How To Free Yourself From Your Mind

      All the best to you and happy learning. Namaste.

  • Andy

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for recommending the Rainbow Tablets. I will check it out. It has been many years since I read a book that was channeled material.

    Many years ago I was devouring all I could find of Messages from Michael, Seth, and others. In fact, when I moved to New York City 20 years ago, I joined an active Micheal group.

    Your story reminded me of someone I met 40 years ago on a meditation residence retreat in the Highlands of Scotland. He was a very bright and outgoing person and worked a day job at a garden centre.

    At one point after weeks when I really got to know him, he told me that on occasions when he was in a very settled and subtle state he could see the energy flowing from the ground into the roots and up through the roots and nourishing the whole plant.

    On occasions, he could see and experience this in trees and bushes. I had one such experience once, just once, but it was spectacular in all its intimate and celestial glory.

    Thanks again and best regards, Andy

    • Janet

      Hi Andy. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      Yes, it’s true. Everything is energy. Even the trees, bushes and plants are energy beings too. The difference is we are just in different form. They don’t have ego mind, but human beings have. That’s is why they are so pure energy.

      The ego mind is in human being’s DNA. We need to remember back that we are actually energy beings and don’t hold on to the ego mind which we have identify as us. Although the ego mind is still part of our Self, but it has prevent us from becoming our highest Self if we keep hang on to it.

      Yes, please read the book – The Rainbow Tablets. It’s meant for everyone. It contains the latest updates which help you to have a better understanding what is actually going on with the current world, our Mother Earth. A better understanding why you are here.

      Enjoy your journey!

  • Matt Lin

    Hi Janet,

    Meditation is a good practice to calm us down and find inner peace. I know that I don’t have much time doing a long meditation session from my busy schedule, so I try to squeeze some time for 5-10 minute meditation, which works quite well for me. So, I do recommend people can try at least five minutes.

    It’s good to know that we can heal ourselves by meditation, so I think I will extend my short sessions longer for self-healing. But, I do think I need some guidance. Can you share more on this part?

    I also like your friend’s story to exchange the negative energy with positive one from trees, and this will be my goal from now on.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Janet

      Hi Matt. Thank you for sharing your thought.

      For I myself I always meditate for at least 1hr, and 2-3hrs if I have the time. I always schedule to wake up very early in the morning while sky is still dark if need to in order to do meditation before I start my day. I believe it depend how we manage the time.

      But I won’t recommend to meditate for long hours for beginner. You can start with 10-15mins and then slowly increase the time gradually.

      Meditation is about maintaining that awareness, still the mind with no attachment to the thoughts. For beginner to start with you need to have something for you to focus onto so that you don’t attract by your thought.

      There are people choose to focus on their breathing, some focus on their heart to feel and some might focus on a candle light. So you have to see which one work for you to help you focus.

      If you like the idea of meditating with the trees, you can try it and focus on your breathing. When you breath in, feel that you are receiving the pure positive energy from the trees into your body and when you breath out, feel that you are letting go and releasing all the negative energy out from your body into the nature.

      If to do meditation outdoor is not possible, you can also try playing some nice music during meditation indoor and do the same breathing method as I have mentioned above.

      Hope all the above do help you. Happy learning! 🙂

  • Kathy

    I really enjoy this post on self healing energy, as I also believe everything in the universe is made from energy.

    I have completed a reiki course a few years ago and could definitely feel a warmth from my hands when practicing on fellow students.

    I’ve also attended a meditation workshop which helped my self-belief and though I don’t practice often, it does help increase my level of vibration. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Janet

      Hi Kathy. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      I have been to reiki course too before I come across yoga many years back. Yes, reiki is about healing energy too. Everything is energy! Therefore, everything are related to each other.

      Enjoying your learning 🙂

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