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The Benefits Of Online Classes

Nowadays most of the people have a busy lifestyle. They are busy with their work and career, social activities, family and friends. No matter how busy we are, we must not neglect our body and mind. Because having a healthy body and mind then we can have the energy to cope with our busy lifestyle.

A lot of people have signed up a yoga course for the reason to help them to release stress. It also helps them to have a clearer mind, stronger body and boost up their energy level too.



How To Stay Healthy In Busy Lifestyle

However, also due to their busy lifestyle, they also have the problem of attending a regular yoga class especially for those who need to travel very often. Therefore, they always missed their lessons and in the end some of them give up with the class. For a long term, it is unhealthy to our body and

There is always a solution to a problem if we are willing to open up and accept changes. For people who have a busy lifestyle and have problem finding time to attend a regular yoga class schedule, online yoga class is the solution to their problem.

They can attend a yoga class at their convenient day and time at anywhere and any place comfortably without traveling to the venue for the class.

It helps them to save a lot of time on preparing and traveling on road to class and also don’t have to worry about missing the class schedule.

They can also choose the type and the length of the lesson they want for the day. This is so much convenient to attend a yoga class now.

I would like to share an article of someone who has this problem and how she get through and feels after finding the solution to her problem. Please CLICK HERE.



My Learning Journey

I have come across a number of my students who love and enjoy my yoga class but due to different reasons like moving house to a different area which is far from my class or missing lessons due to traveling for work, they have to discontinue with the class in the end as I don’t have other classes at other places that suit their timing.Prana-yoga-wear

My students always request me to have more yoga classes on other days with the timing they are looking for. However, I couldn’t manage to fulfill every one of them for the location, day and time they wish to have class. Because I’m being limited by the number of classes I can conduct in a day and the time slot I can get from different venue.

Therefore, I have been thinking what I can do to break through this limitation and fulfill my students so they can continue to enjoy and benefit from the yoga classes.

I have friends who give me advice to do online yoga classes which can break through this limitation and benefit more people who have problem attending a regular yoga class schedule.

Initially I don’t like the idea of online yoga because I’m so used to conduct a physical class for more than 10 years already. So I’m kind of cannot accept this online things and imagine how an online yoga class can benefit someone.

But lately I then realize yoga is not just about the flexibility of our body, but also our mindset. Because we are so used to do thing in a way it has become a habit to us which become our limitation and fear to step out of our comfort zone to change.

I realize I have fear to learn online things therefore I cannot accept online yoga class. We have to learn to be open and flexible in our mindset in order to break through our limitation and expand more.



Online Yoga Classes

I have gone through some online yoga classes provider sites and I realize those good one are really well-organised and planned. They have many types of classes to suit different people and different stages. And some yoga teachers are really good one and can explain well how to do the poses correctly and its benefits.

You just need to know yourself well in order to know which online class to go for. If you are completely new to yoga with number yoga background at all, my advice is just go for the beginner and gentle yoga class. From there slowly build up your strength.

And I also learn that I don’t need to conduct the class myself in order to help my students gain the benefits of yoga. I can also help them to expand by sharing with them those good knowledge and information, and introduce those good place and sites for anything related to yoga.



Self Discipline Need

So it also applies to those who so used to do yoga in a physical class and couldn’t accept the concept of doing yoga online. You won’t know if you never try. The only concerns is discipline.

Although online yoga class can attend at your convenient time and place, somehow some people can still find excuse of finding time to do due to their laziness and number discipline. These people need to have interaction with the yoga teacher and other members in order to have the motivation to do.

Join those online yoga class provider site with a community being setup for members will help them to interact among themselves together with the yoga teacher. By having this community can help to encourage and help each other.

If your situation couldn’t allow you to attend a regular yoga class schedule, online yoga class is the best solution which is better than you give up practicing yoga. Learning to be disciplined.

With the online yoga class, they can have their yoga session at their convenient time and places. If they face any problem in their practice they can always ask for advice or share their problem in the community which is open for all members to help one another.



Online Yoga Class More Cheaper

And another benefit of online yoga class is its cheaper than a physical yoga class. But this shouldn’t become the reason for you to go for an online yoga class if your situation allows you to attend a regular physical yoga class especially if you have number yoga background at all.

Because it is still safer and better to be guided by a real live yoga teacher for completely beginner. Unless situation doesn’t allow you to attend a regular physical class. Instead of give up learning yoga, you can still learn through online class by choosing the right class like gentle yoga for beginner.

Online yoga classes are suitable for those who need to travel a lot or have problem taking up a regular physical class and also for those regular yoga practicer who wish to have more yoga workout in a week.

Yoga for Healing



Never Give Up

My advice for those who have started their yoga practice and those regular yoga practicers is keep continue with your practice and never give up number matter what challenge you have in life.

Everything is figurable out. There is always a solution for every challenge we face. We just need to be more open-minded and willing to change our habit and mindset.

Yoga is something you need to practice regularly in order to enjoy the benefits of it. May yoga practicing is always staying with you number matter how busy is your lifestyle. Remember never give up. Remain a balance in your life. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is not an exercise. Make yoga be part of your lifestyle.

Online Yoga Class



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  • Jude

    Hi Janet, I just came across your article about online yoga classes. What a great idea. I have started yoga before for a few lessons only and had a hard time finding time to continue training. I think it could work really well. And being it cheaper as well is a win-win. Thank you for bringing this service to my attention, I appreciate it. How long is the duration of the lessons and what pricing is in place? Jude

    • Janet

      Hi Jude. You are welcome! This online yoga class is really a good idea for people who really have problem finding time to go for a live yoga class in a yoga studio. Usually the duration of a lesson in yoga studio is at least one hour. Online yoga classes provider have different duration of lessons that allow you to choose from just 10min to 1hr lesson. So you can choose the lesson that your schedule which allow you at that moment. This is the beautiful part of online yoga class.

  • Jeff

    I always was curious about an online yoga class, but I have never given one a try. I would like to try an online yoga class sometime, I hear yoga is really good for arthritis which has started to give me more problems as I age but how would I know which type of yoga to search for my age and with arthritis? I have seen there are many types of yoga and I am afraid to choose the wrong one and increase my pain, what type do you recommend?


    • Janet

      Hi Jeff. It is no harm trying online yoga class as most online yoga providers do give free trial for about 14 days. You may refer to my another blog about the Best Online Yoga Class which I have recommended after doing some research on the web.

      So during these free trial period you can explore around and try the classes. I would recommend start from gentle yoga for a beginner with no yoga background at all. They have Yoga for Elderly, Yoga for back pain and Therapy Yoga too. Their platform allow you to do filtering to narrow down the classes until you find something that suit you.

      If you are not sure about yourself, you can always search for advice or help from them. You can always try for more than one online yoga provider to search for the class that you are looking for.

      That’s the best and advantage of having free trial before you decide to fix at which online yoga provider. Anyway the fee is not expensive. If you think you need more time to explore around their website, you can always just sign up for one month first and see how you feel with their online class. Just explore around!.:-)

  • Bob

    I’m a senior & have found that my body is not as limber & flexible as it used to be. I’ve never tried yoga & have heard it has many benefits for seniors. I think online classes would be perfect for me as I can do the lessons on my own time & practice the lessons I receive. Do you have a recommendation, for a senior, to get more flexibility from his body?

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