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Hypnosis Myth

5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

OVER the years, hypnosis has picked up all sorts of weird associations from stage hypnotists, the media and superstition. This is a great shame, because in reality, hypnosis is your single most effective tool for change. Hypnosis is your birthright, and you should know how to use it so it doesn’t use you. Here we dispel the biggest hypnosis myths.

Hypnosis Myth 1) All hypnosis is the same

As with anything, hypnosis can be good, bad or indifferent. The most common is old-style authoritarian hypnosis of the type “You are getting sleepy, you are feeling confident”. Unsurprisingly, this sort of hypnosis doesn’t work well with many people. Good hypnosis uses subtle psychological principles and advanced communication patterns.

It’s like the difference between a football coach who thinks you’ll perform best if he yells at you, compared with the more elegant style of a great leader who knows that to get the best from his people, he needs to understand motivation, to cajole, encourage and reward.

Hypnosis Downloads.com offers hundreds of sessions using the best type of hypnosis.


Hypnosis Myth 2) Subliminals work

Subliminals are words that you can’t hear. Common sense says they shouldn’t work, and there’s no research proving that they do.


Hypnosis Myth 3) Some people can’t be hypnotized

The only reason you can’t be hypnotized is if you are incapable of paying attention due to extremely low IQ or brain damage. That’s not to say that every hypnotist can hypnotize you however. The more flexible the hypnotist, the more effective she will be with the largest number of people.


Hypnosis Myth 4) Hypnosis is something weird that other people do to you

If you couldn’t go into hypnosis, you wouldn’t be able to sleep, to learn, or get nervous through ‘negative self hypnosis’. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that’s self hypnosis!)

Hypnosis is simply a deliberate utilization of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dream state. We’re not giving people medication here – if it wasn’t a natural ability, hypnosis wouldn’t work!


Hypnosis Myth 5) You lose control in hypnosis

Crazy news stories, stage hypnotists and gossip have created the illusion that you lose control in hypnosis. In fact, when hypnotized, you are relaxed and focused – and able to choose to get up and walk away at any time. You choose to give your attention to the hypnotist, and you can withdraw it at any time.

If you have been scared of hypnosis in the past, this article has hopefully convinced you to at least give it a try. But remember, ensure what you’re getting is the real thing. Visit www.hypnosisdownloads.com


Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis Downloads.com.


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  • grigore

    In the past I was very scared of hypnosis and I thought that you can only use it to hurt someone but with the passage of time it has been proven that it is not so, that you can use it for good purposes too.
    Upon entering your site I learned more about hypnosis and for that I thank you. Even I would like to go to some hypnosis sessions to get rid of the fear of snakes.

    • Janet

      Hi! You are most welcome..:-) Think about it, hypnosis is a tool. So it really depend on the person how he want to use the tool. If he use it for good, it will be helping people and doing good for the world. Hypnosis itself actually is not scary. Hope you can get rid of your fear of snakes through self hypnosis..:-)

  • Steve

    Thanks for this great post, you help to settle some of my concerns about hypnosis. When should someone seek out the help of a therapist? I understand that it can help with quitting smoking, but are there other instances that it would be most beneficial? Also, what should one look for to determine to choose the right therapist?

    • Janet

      Hi Steve. Glad that it helps you to settle some of your concern about hypnosis after a better understanding of it. Hypnosis besides help with quiting smoking, it helps in building up self confidence, weight loss, relationship, self esteem, social anxiety, etc. I have a friend who has a relationship problem due to a fear which has been cause by his past relationship experience. And he has overcome his fear through hypnotherapist help.

      To choose the right hypnotherapists, look for those companies with years of experiences, good reviews and high recommendation from the customers. A company that guarantee money back with no question asked if it doesn’t work for you is definitely trusted.

      Hope all these information help you in what you are looking for..:-)

      • Janet

        Hi Steve. Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, hypnosis actually can help you to relax and lift up your mood too. For people who have problem with their sleep can actually try the hypnosis too.

        Nowadays there are these online self hypnosis which can download and listen to it when you need it is so much more convenient and cheaper now. Unless you have a special or serious case which might be some problem being planted very deep inside you since you were a kid and have problem overcome it even after try the self hypnosis might really need to get help from the hypnotherapist for private session.

  • Timotheus

    Thank you for debunking the 5 myths of hypnosis. In the past, a friend of mine opened a holistic centre. One of the services was hypnosis. But because of the ‘bad name’ that hypnosis has, she had to rename it to another name.

    Strange, isn’t it? Just a rename, and people accepted it. It was still hypnosis. But because of all the misinformation out there, she had no choice but to call it another name.

    Sadly, even a rebrand and rename did not help. Eventually, she closed the centre. But while it was opened, she helped many people. I hope hypnosis gets a better reputation. And the media stop creating the wrong impression of it. When that happens, more people will get help.

    • Janet

      Hi Tim. Thank you for your sharing. Yeah, that’s the problem with human beings like to jump into conclusion without really bother to have an understanding the full picture and details. The mindset are being condition to receive negativity and couldn’t see the positivity side of it. Especially nowadays we receive majority are negativity news from the media.

      It really time to change. To help people to change their mindset and see the positivity side of life. They have to learn to be in control of their own mind their life, but not being control by someone. We have a choice, to choose to be positivity or negativity. Hope more people will choose to receive more positivity news and learn to reject negativity news.

  • Lee Goupil

    I actually did hypnosis with a psychologist many years ago.
    He did the old fashioned approach that you spoke about and honestly I got nothing from it.

    I’m surprised you said subliminal doesn’t work.
    What about music at the shopping mall?
    I’ve seen studies where people spend less with no music and certain music shows an increase in spending.

    Isn’t this a form of subliminal hypnosis if your manipulating consumers to buy?

    Great article as always.

    • Janet

      Hi Lee. Thank you for your sharing. To my understand, hypnosis is done when the person is still conscious. Subliminal is an unconscious state of mind already. Therefore, subliminal doesn’t work. A friend of mine has done a hypnosis on me too. I remember I’m actually still conscious but in a very relax state as I can hear his words and what he said.

      As for music at the shopping mall, to my understanding, sound (music made by sound) is a powerful form of energy. It can have an effect to our mind without realising it. Therefore sound can help to heal and to relax a person, help to lift up your mood and bring you down too, it can also make a person act impulsive. Remember when you watch a scary movie, you already start to feel scare just by the scary music being play before you even see anything scary!

      I actually have some blog posts with more details about sound if you are interested to learn more..:-)
      Manifestation Magic Review – Alternative Health Healing
      Did You Know Sound is one of the Most Powerful Tools For Healing in Existence?

  • rick

    There were a lot of myths about hypnosis especially before the internet came along. Thank goodness even the medical industry has now accepted hypnosis as a type of treatment and in some cases preferred over medication.

    How well hypnosis will work depends on the patient and hypnotist and the stronger the problem tends to relate to more sessions required before the patient can be relieved. Great article.

    • Janet

      Hi Rick. Thank you! Yes, this is one thing good about internet as it helps people to learn more information and knowledge about anything in the world! It’s just that they have to learn to identify which is the true and false information.

      In the past, hypnosis is only restricted by visiting the hypnotist for the session. But now it is available online and can do self hypnosis without fixing any appointment with the hypnotist! The cost is so much cheaper and guarantee for 100% money back too if it doesn’t work for you.

      Of course, unless your problem is serious and you can’t solve it by self hypnosis as it keep coming back to you then you have to consider to fix an appointment with a hypnotist. But at least now there is an alternative way by trying online self hypnosis first before you really decide to visit a hypnotist in person.

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