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How To Free Yourself From Your Mind

How to quiet a mind? In my previous blog post, I have shared some ways to help to free yourself from your mind. If you have missed it, you may like to read that first before continue with this current blog post.

Have you tried out any of those ways which I have shared in my previous blog post? For today, we shall continue with more ways to help you to free yourself from your mind.


Sound Frequency Therapy

I have mentioned that everything is energy, including you and me. Therefore, what we listen to do have an effect on us. Because everything is a frequency, a vibration.

Energy-Codes-BookYou can notice when you are in a noisy environment, your mind start to have negative thought. Because of your negative thought, you start to feel irritated, angry, impatient, restless, stress, etc

But when you are in a quiet and peaceful environment, your body and mind start to feel relax and calm. You don’t have very much thought arise. You enjoy in the being.

When you realize your mind starts to run its stories and you have problem quiet the mind, you can try to listen to Solfeggio frequency music.

Solfeggio frequencies are nine tones derived from numerology were used centuries ago. These frequencies are believed to create positive shifts to those in proximity to them.

There are 7 Solfeggio frequencies:

  • 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
  • 741 Hz – Expression/Solution
  • 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
  • 963 Hz – Awakening Intuition and Activating Pineal Gland


If you are interested to learn more and what are the benefits of each Solfeggio frequency, you may like to visit one of Alexander J. Wilson’s blog post HERE who did explain more in details about the sound as one of the most powerful tools for healing in existence.

I also have some blog posts about sound therapy and you might like to check them out HERE too.

Nowadays you can get all these Solfeggio frequency music easily on YouTube.  I can show you some of the examples of 528 Hz frequency music in order to give you an idea.

528 Hz – DNA Upgrade (20 Minute) Meditation

Enhance Self Love | Healing Music 528Hz | Positive Energy Cleanse | Ancient Frequency Music


You can search around yourself to find one that you like and feel good to listened to.

I have mention before that we are all energy. Therefore, individual of us might be vibrating at a different level of frequency. So for someone who is at a lower frequency, he or she might find that a higher frequency music very irritating, uncomfortable and cannot take it.

If this happen to you, choose and start from a lower frequency music first. You must feel good and comfortable when you listen to it. From there, slowly build up your frequency energy level.

I have a blog post – How to Increase Your Vibration which you can check it out if you are interested to learn how to increase your frequency energy level.

When you find that a higher frequency music used to be irritating and today you don’t feel that anymore when listen, that’s mean your frequency energy level has increased.

When you listen to the frequency music, not just listen only, but learnt to feel it too. Increase your awareness to the energy inside you. No thought is required.


Self Awareness Meditation

For the Solfeggio frequencies music, besides just listen on it own, you can also play it in the background while you are doing your work. Some time I also play it in the background when I’m doing my work or meditation especially when there is time my mind is too active and can’t relax.

The HeartMath ExperienceOther than that, I usually prefer meditating in a quiet environment with no music background. Because it helps to bring you to closer connection and awareness of yourself in such environment.

Yes, its relaxing to have music in the background while doing meditation. Especially it is helpful for beginner who has problem to keep their mind quiet during meditation.

But when you practice long enough, its best to slowly go without the background music once you are able to relax during meditation. Because this outside background music can become a distraction to you in your meditation in seek for your soulful self.

Meditation is about seeking inward, not outward. It’s about connected to your true real you, your soulful self, disengage from your chatter mind and outside world.

You might need to rely on something outside you to help you relax and quiet your mind during meditation in the initial stage. Through regular practice, you have learnt to get into that relax state easily without rely on something outside you to help you.

Once your connection to your soulful self is so strong enough, you will have no fear anything outside of you can affect you anymore. You become full control of how you want to feel, to experience in life. You not bother by your mind anymore because you have full control over it now. You have taken your power back finally.

Remember its not about getting to the goal, the importance is the journey. Stay in the NOW every moment during the journey.


Feeling Awareness

Remain conscious and aware of how you feel within you instead of putting your attention on your thought. Every time when you realize your mind want to be in control to run its own stories, pull yourself back within you.

As I have shared in my previous blog post one of the way is being aware of your breathing. Another way you can try is being aware of the feeling within you. You can start by learning to feel the energy in your hand.

Can’t feel it? Do this exercise. Rub your hands hard enough as long as you can. Now bring your hands apart and feel the energy between your palm. Can feel the energy now?

Can you feel your heart beat? Can you feel any vibration energy inside you? We are made up of energy. Just learnt to tune in inside you to feel them. I build up my energy feeling through yoga practice and meditation all these years.

You don’t need your mind here to feel. This is how you pull yourself back from your chatter mind. You don’t need to give any label or name with your thought on how you feel. Just feel only. All I ask is just feel, not think. Every time you think, pull yourself back to feel.


You apply same way to feel your emotion. Just feel, don’t think. Every time you think, pull yourself back to feel only. Whatever emotion come out, just let it be. Don’t think. Just focus on the feel only.

Letting Go bookYou can also apply it on your meditation and even in your daily life. Someone has irritated you? Just feel how you feel, don’t think. Slowly whatever unpleasant feeling you feel will be dissolve. This is the power of letting go.

Once you start to put your attention on your thought and allow your mind running its own stories, you are going to feel worse than before and will react to it.

Once you react to it, you have to bear the consequences. And that unpleasant feeling will be forever stuck inside your conscious or sub-conscious mind which will blow out each time when it got trigger.

And you don’t know why you get irritated because you cannot remember already as its an energy got stuck in your sub-conscious mind.

The only way is to bring it out and dissolve it in order to let it go. And your mind will try to stop you from dissolving it and letting go.

Always remember you are not your mind. So don’t place your attention on your mind. For those who are first time following me and don’t understand why I said that, you may refer to my previous blog post – Keep Life Simple, which I did do some explanation about the mind.


Stay In Present Moment

To put everything simple, stay in the present moment will free yourself from your mind. Incident that just happen even one second ago is considered a past already. Mind love to live in the past and future. So stay in the present The Power of Now bookmoment is the key word here.

I have known someone who love to use cooking to help himself to free from his mind and stress. He enjoys the process of preparing and cooking the foods. You know why? Because he is staying in the NOW, the present moment on what he is doing.

Same here, I have also known someone who love to do gardening to help herself to free from her mind.  Once she starts working in her garden, she can forget about the time.

There are also people into painting, pottery, arts and crafts work, etc.  Just find something you love and enjoy doing!

If you have any other ways which work for you to free yourself from your mind, please do share them in my comment box provided at the bottom. I believe my readers will love to learn more ways.

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  • Matt Lin

    Hi Janet,

    It’s good to see that you consolidate all the good ingredients together in this series of articles. I love to utilize the sound around us to make my inner self peaceful and calm, so I can relate to how you describe sound frequency therapy.

    It’s good to have YouTube videos you attached here for our practices to see whether it works for us or not after reading your article.

    Letting go and living at the moment does take some time to learn, and by your articles, I think I have progress every day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Janet

      Hi Matt. Thank you and glad to learn that you are progressing.

      They are more frequency music on youtube which I believe you definitely can find some pieces that you love and enjoy.

      All the best to you!

  • SAM

    To quiet the mind is indeed important. I struggle with sleeping recently due to the amount of overwhelming work. Even when the nights are silent, I do feel my mind is not at proper rest.

    I know certain music would calm a person but the 7 Solfeggio frequencies is certainly new knowledge to me.

    Enjoyed this read very much. Thanks for sharing!


    • Janet

      Hi Sam. Thank you for your sharing. Glad to hear that you enjoy reading my this post.

      Yes, the solfeggio frequencies music can help with your sleep problem if you choose the right track for relaxing the mind. Try to listen to it without doing anything else before bed. You can even let it play while you sleep.

      Try go for 432Hz or lower frequency music for a better sleep. For some people might be able to take 528Hz for sleep but not all. You can just tried it out yourself which frequency help you better.

      As I have explained in my post that it depend on individual level of frequency to decide how high you can take. A person who is in a high frequency can take any frequencies which is lower. But a person who is in a lower frequency cannot take those frequencies that is higher because they will feel very comfortable.

      Hope your sleep problem has solved and have a better rest. Take care!

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