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Holding From Letting Go

Letting go of negative feelings is the undoing of the ego, which will be resistant at every turn. This may result in skepticism about the technique, “forgetting” to surrender, a sudden upsurge of escapism, or venting feelings by expressing and acting out.

The solution is simply to keep on letting go of the feelings you have about the whole process. Let the resistance be there but don’t resist the resistance.


Letting Go the Fear

You are free. You don’t have to let go. Nobody is forcing you. Look at the fear behind the resistance. What are you afraid of regarding this process? Are you willing to let go of that? Keep letting go of every fear as it arises, and the resistance will resolve.

Let’s not forget that we are letting go of all the programs that have made us a slave and a victim for a long time. These programs have blinded us to the truth of our real identity.

The ego is losing ground and will try tricks and bluffs. Once we start letting go, its days are numbered and its power is diminishing.

One of its tricks is to go unconscious about the technique itself, for instance, to decide suddenly that the mechanism of surrender isn’t working, things are still the same, it is confusing, and too hard to remember and do.

This is a sign of real progress! It means that the ego knows we have a knife with which to cut ourselves free and it is losing ground. The ego is not our friend. Like “master control” in Tron (1982), it wants to keep us enslaved by its programs.


Just To Do It

Letting go is a natural ability. It is not something new or foreign. It is not an esoteric teaching or somebody else’s idea or a belief system. We are merely utilizing our own inner nature to get freer and happier.

When letting go, it’s not helpful to “think” about the technique. It’s better, simply, just to do it. Eventually it will be seen that all thoughts are resistance.

They are all images that the mind has made to prevent us from experiencing what actually is. When we have been letting go for a while and have begun experiencing what is really going on, we will laugh at our thoughts.

Thoughts are fakes, absurd make-beliefs that obscure the truth. Pursuing thoughts can keep us occupied endlessly. We will discover one day that we are right where we started.


What is your True Self

Thoughts are like gold fish in a bowl; the real Self is like the water. The real Self is the space between the thoughts, or more exactly, the field of silent awareness underneath all thoughts.

We have had the experience of being totally absorbed in what we were doing, when we scarcely noticed the passage of time. The mind was very quiet, and we were simply doing what we were doing without resistance or effort.

We felt happy, maybe humming to ourselves. We functioned without stress. And we were very relaxed, although busy. We suddenly realized that we never needed all those thoughts after all.

Thoughts are like bait to a fish. If we bite at them, we get caught. It’s best not to bite at the thoughts. We don’t need them.

Inside of us, but out of awareness, is the truth that “I already know everything I need to know”. This happens automatically.


Resist to Surrender

Paradoxically, one resistance to surrendering is due to the effectiveness of the technique. What happens is that we LOA-quizkeep letting go when life is not going too well and we are beset by unpleasant emotions.

As we finally surrender our way out of it and all is well, then we stop letting go.

This is a mistake because, as good as we may feel, there is usually more to it. Take advantage of the higher states and the momentum of letting go. Keep on going because it will get better and better all the time.

Letting go gains a certain momentum. It is easy to keep it going once it is started.

The higher we feel, the easier it is to let go.  That’s a good time to reach down and let go of some things (suppressed and repressed “garbage”) that we wouldn’t want to tackle if we were in the dumps.

There is always a feeling to be let up and surrendered. When we are feeling good, the emotions are merely subtler.


Commonly Held Belief

Sometimes you will feel stuck with a particular feeling. Simply surrender to the feeling of being stuck. Just let it be there and don’t resist it. If it doesn’t disappear, see if you can let go of the feeling in bits and pieces.

Another block that may occur is the fear that if we let go of a desire for something, we won’t get it. It is often beneficial to look at some commonly held beliefs and let go of them right in the beginning, such as:

  1. We only deserve things through hard work, struggle, sacrifice, and effort.
  2. Suffering is beneficial and good for us.
  3. We don’t get anything for nothing.
  4. Things that are very simple aren’t worth much.

Letting go of some of these psychological barriers to the technique itself will allow an enjoyment of its effortlessness and ease.


Dive Deeper

I know it is not easy to let go but we just have to keep doing it and never give up. Don’t think about the process you have to go through, just to do it! There are so much more to learn.

If you want to learn more about letting go, I would highly recommend you to read this book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, by Dr. David R. Hawkins, as all the above information are from this book if you are interested to drive deeper.

This book is available at Amazon.

Letting Go book



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  • Habib

    If we can ever allow to let go our past, our mistakes, negative mindset, false beliefs and so on. Just letting go can create so much more room for the good to come in to give you a quality of life.

    If you keep carrying on with your old way and beliefs, don’t expect a new result. You need to do something different to get something different.

    Thank you for the article on holding from letting go. It’s much needed area for most of us to look at and change for the better.

    Best Wishes

    • Janet

      Hi Habib. Thank you for sharing your thought.

      Yes, learning to let go actually is an important part of our life. People who have experience the letting go will know how good it feel to let go.

      It’s like you have been carrying a heavy rock on your shoulder for years and you didn’t realise it until one day you decided to let it down. Can you imagine how it will be feel like when that heavy rock is no longer on your shoulder? That’s how good you will feel 🙂

  • Deb

    Hi Janet, you are so right that by not letting go of negative in our lives, we are actually preventing ourselves from receiving more happiness, love, and abundance.

    I had been harboring some negative feelings about something that had happened to me when I was very young and I had negative feelings towards the person that caused that hurt.

    Once I finally let it go, I felt such a sense of freedom, it is hard to explain. Since I let go, I have been happier than I have ever been and my relationships with family and friends have improved dramatically.

    I truly see how those negative feelings were holding me back. I will continue working on letting other things go. I had been thinking that maybe this could be applied to our desires as well.

    I mean ask the universe for what you desire, then let it go, having faith that you will receive it. Do you think this something that would work? If so do you have any suggestions on how to do this most effectively?

    • Janet

      Hi Deb. Thank you for sharing your life experience.

      Yes, this letting go can also apply to our desires as well. A lot of people after asking the universe for what they desire, they couldn’t let it go and have faith with the universe. They keep thinking when they will receive what they have asked for.

      This is the problem with our monkey mind! When we let our thought run itself, we are not living in the present, in the NOW. Because when we live in the NOW, there will be no junk thought. We are just simply being here and enjoy the journey, the process. So practise living in the NOW!

      If you like to learn more in details, I would love to recommend you another book – The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. It goes well together with this book – Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

  • Kerryanne

    Easier said than done-in many cases, I suspect. If you are to let go of all the feelings you considered essentially yours, your nature and your being, it’s changing yourself into something unknown-which is never easy.

    Your thoughts, which you ultimately think to be correct, as they are based on your years and years long experience, are sometimes very difficult to alter and certainly need a lot of work to achieve it.

    However, some of our core (negative) beliefs really need to be let go of, in order to be able to prosper. You gave in this article a few good recommendations how to start on this, thank you. 🙂

    • Janet

      Hi Kerryanne. Thank you for sharing your thought.

      Since we are born, we are being condition in certain way. Therefore, it’s not easy to change. You can call it a bad habit. So now is to remove this bad habit and replace with a good habit. We just have to keep practice until it become our new habit.

      Even our thought of “it’s not easy” is a negative thought being condition inside us. So just learn to be more aware of what come into our thought before we speak or take any action. Just be mindful.

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