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HeartMath Inner Balance – Stress Release Any Time Any Place

HeartMath Institute

HeartMath was born out of a deep sense of caring for people and our planet. The HeartMath system empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices.Navigating Rapid Change

HeartMath is world-renowned for its research-based training programs, techniques and technologies and has been helping people reduce stress and anxiety and increase personal resilience for more than 25 years.

Now with more than 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies, thousands of health professionals use and recommend the HeartMath system to help their patients reduce stress and anxiety and increase mental and emotional resilience.

HeartMath clients include hundreds of hospitals such as Kaiser Permanente, Cedars Sinai and Stanford School of Medicine. In addition, HeartMath works with schools, humanitarian organizations, corporations and government agencies such as NASA and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, the HeartMath family includes the nonprofit HeartMath Institute as well as more than 8,000 certified HeartMath trainers, coaches and health professionals. They serve people of all ages and walks of life around the world.



Where To Start

The HeartMath Experience

 online video program provides viewers with five scientifically validated HeartMath techniques designed to help people to reduce stress and anxiety. Viewers also earn the latest research on the connection between the physical and energetic heart and provides techniques for connecting with your heart’s intuitive directions for the best choices in whatever your life situation calls for.The HeartMath Experience

Studies have shown that these techniques for balancing the mind and emotions, as well as practicing compassionate care, can enhance our immune system, health and self-security.

The program is a 90-minute interactive learning experience that is divided into 9-chapters. It has a movie-like feeling and was recently featured at Illuminate Film Festival earlier this year and will be feature at additional film festivals later this year.

Now as we are all affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, the HeartMath company is waiving all registration costs for the program during the months of April and May to help people maintain emotional balance, increase mental clarity and sustain resilience.

The online video program, with recently added subtitles for six additional languages, can be accessed by going to HERE. I have also written another blog post about The Heartmath Experience. If you are interested, you may also visit this blog post HERE.

Please don’t miss this opportunity during these challenging times to get Free access to The HeartMath Experience online video program which originally cost $29.95 . Act Now!

<<< Free Access to The HeartMath Experience >>>



What Is Heartmath Inner Balance

Our heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of our inner state. We can use the Inner Balance to see what is going on inside of us and learn how to shift into a state of balance, self-reliance and renewing feelings, such as appreciation and compassion.


The Science Behind Inner Balance

The Inner Balance

 technology analyzes and displays our heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states are affecting our nervous system. HRV offers a unique window into the qualityStress Relief Any Time, Any Where with HeartMath of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how we feel and perform.

The Inner Balance technology trains us to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which helps us increase emotional composure and clearer reasoning.

Recommended by health professionals worldwide, HRV coherence training has been associated with many health and performance benefits.

A few minutes of daily coherence practice has been shown to reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, such as overwhelm, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout.

HeartMath has been a pioneer in HRV research and self-regulation training for over 25 years. Over 250 independent peer-reviewed studies have been published on HeartMath technologies and methodologies.



Testimonial And Reviews

There are some testimonials from some well-known people like Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, co-author of The Success Principles, Wendy Warner, MD, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, as well as more than a hundred reviews which you can check it out HERE.

I have another blog post about Heart Coherence. I’m one of the user of Heartmath Inner Balance too which I have given my review on my blog post. If you are interested to learn more, you may visit my another blog post HERE.



Inner Balance – How It Works & Features

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and scattered. The Inner Balance sensor for Android and iPhone trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence.Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

You need an Inner Balance device and download their free App. One App but two ways to connect.

  • Inner Balance Bluetooth for Android & iPhone – Bluetooth Sensor For iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Inner Balance Lightning for iPhone – Wired Sensor for iPhone / iPad Only

The only difference between the two sensors is the way they connect to your device. Both sensor options connect to the same great Inner Balance app experience.

The Inner Balance device provide the following too.

  • Free US Shipping on $49+
  • 60 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Technology Warranty

More details can be find HERE.


What are the Features

  • Real-time HRV feedback

Measure your heart rate variability and coherence level during live sessions.Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

  • Guided Meditations

Reducing Stress, Upgrading Meditation, Better Sleep and more.

  • Real-time coaching tips

Encouraging on-screen prompts guide your practice and help you increase coherence points.

  • Advanced options

Four challenge levels, customizable settings and screens.

  • Free On-line platform for users provides many extras

Track progress over time, keep journal notes, earn awards, use the daily practice plan and additional use tips. Get access to advanced training and get updates and notifications.

For more details, you may like to watch their product tutorials videos HERE.



Access to The HeartMath Experience online video program to learn the techniques of heart coherence to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence. Make use of the current Free access during these challenging times and act now. To improve your life and health all start from the very first step. So Act Now!

<<< Free Access to The HeartMath Experience >>>


The Inner Balance tech would make a great companion to the program by measuring your heart rate variability and coherence level so that you are aware of your emotional states and the status of your practice.

Of course, you can still practice the heart coherence using the techniques you have learnt from The HeartMath Experience online video program without using The Inner Balance.

But if you are really serious in the practice to help yourself to improve your life and health, I personally would recommend your practice go together with The Inner Balance because it will help your practice so much more easy as it can tell you whether you are in a coherence state during live session which allow you to take immediate action to shift your mood when need.

The HeartMath Experience


Hope my article can help you to have a better understanding how heart coherence can help in stress relief to improve your life and how Heartmath Inner Balance can make a great companion in your practice.

If you have any thought or experience that you would love to share, please leave them in my comment box provided below and I am more than happy to hear from you! Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this article and share it with others so that people don’t miss this opportunity too. Give a Like to my article too!

Thank you. Stay safe and stay healthy!



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  • Oal

    Hi Janet,

    I have been learning quite a lot about apps and tools to help improve meditation and develop intuition! HeartMath is a new tool for me which I am learning about from your post.

    Improving inner balance, reducing and managing stress resulting in improved and stronger immune system – wow, what’s not to love about this!

    I will definite be going to give this a go.

    Thank you for bringing this app to the attention of readers through your detailed and well written post.

    • Janet

      Hi Oal. Thank you and you are most welcome! It’s my pleasure to be able to bring more awareness of good stuffs to more people. I’m sure you will love it and have great experience. Namaste.

  • Greg

    I have been looking for ways to reduce the stress in my life without giving up on the things I am trying to do. I tried adopting meditation and was doing great until I started finding it hard to have the time to keep up with my meditating practice.

    I stumbled onto the HeartMath experience while searching online for audio stress relief. I don’t know if the program is audio based, but since they are letting people sign-up for free, then I guess it will be easy to find out.

    Thank you for taking the time to write about HeartMath. There is a lot of great information here to absorb.

    I am a person that does many things, or say… wears many hats, and I need to figure out how to deal with the stress without giving up on my goals…

    • Janet

      Hi Greg. It’s my pleasant to share to help more people therefore I don’t mind taking up my time and sleep to write more.

      Since you are doing great with your meditation, I would encourage you to continue with it. You can have this heart coherence techniques to go with the meditation. It can help to shorten the time of meditation to reach the effect which you need when doing without using the heart coherence.

      You might even have an experience you never have before from your past meditation! You can check out my another blog post HERE which I have shared about my experience when I combine heart coherence with my meditation.

      I have tried not to miss my meditation no matter how busy I am. Because I have ever sacrifice my meditation in order to do more of my things and I realise I feel even more stress up physically and mentally. Meditation actually has great benefits. With meditation, I feel that I can cope with stress more easily and feel more energetic and focus in my works.

      You can try to wake up more early to do meditation before you start your day. Because I realise once I start my day, it’s very difficult to find time to do meditation as I’m a very busy person too with lot of things to do. So I usually do it in the morning before my day start and at night before I go to bed. The morning one will help me to feel lift up and energetic while the night one will help me to release all my stress and tension after a long day of works.

      This Heartmath Experience is actually a videos program which explain in more details about the heart and brain, and the importance and benefits of heart coherence and some techniques on how to reach heart coherence. You can try it out since it’s free to access now.

      While The Inner Balance is a device use together with their app for easy to track your heart HRV in live is at what state and whether it’s in coherence state.

      If you are only interested in audio kind of things for stress relief, I can introduce you this which is a audio base on sound energy healing and transformation. I’m actually listening to one of the track now while I’m replying your comment. I’m listening to 528Hz frequency music now. You can check it out for more details in my another blog post HERE.

      Hope all these information do help you. All the best to you!

      • Greg

        Hi Janet👋

        Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment. I am a big fan of audios and binaural beats. I have been using them for years. I have even dabbled in subliminal audios that have worked wonders for me. I developed healthy study habits through the help of subliminal audios.

        I have checked out HeartMath since the last time I visited your post. It sounds very interesting. I have been studying under Katherine Hurst and she mentions the Intention Point. I am sure you have heard about it. It is the point in which your mind and heart work together to manifest desires.

        She points out things that I have noticed before, but did not know they were related. Like the feeling of heart break or the pain in your chest and/or stomach when the things you want, wish for, or try to attract do not manifest.

        Learning about the Intention Point truly opened my mind to new techniques for manifesting. Well, I could go on and on about this awesome subject, but first maybe I should wait and allow you to talk a little in this conversation.

        Thanks again for chatting with me.


        • Janet

          Hi Greg, Thank you for coming back again!

          Sorry, I did not follow about Katherine Hurst but I have read the book and watch the video “The Secret Law Of Attraction” many years ago. Therefore, I do not know much detail about the Intention Point she referring to. However, I just do a google search about Intention Point and learn that it’s something about the Heart Brain connection which is exactly what the HeartMath is teaching about the Heart brain coherence.

          But I have also learn that whatever we want to manifest in life, our intention or purpose is important. If our intention or purpose is out from selfishness instead for the benefits of the beings or universe, it will not work because it has against the 1st Universal Laws, “The Law of Divine Oneness”.

          Law of Attraction is just one of the 12 Universal Laws. In order for the manifestion to work, we have to apply all the 12 Universal Laws.

          I have just published my latest post today about the 12 Universal laws. If you are interested, you may pay a visit of my post. You are welcome to share your thought in my comment box there.

          Whether is Law of Attraction or Heart Coherence, all actually are Quantum Physics. They are all connected. In other words, they have to work hand in hand together. Just like the 12 Universal Laws, all the laws are connected to one another. Therefore, they have to be apply together in our life.

          This topic can become a snowball rolling bigger and bigger. Thank you for sharing. You help me to learn a new word term “Intention Point”. Actually look deeper into it, Intention Point or Heart Coherence, their explanation actually is the same meaning but just using different words!..:-)

          Hope to see you again in my blog. Take care!

  • Tammy

    Hello Janet, I really find this informative and helpful article for stress relief that so many people need at this time. I think it is a great way to encourage inner peace when so many things in the world right now are not in our hands to control on the individual level.

    Thank you for the great program opportunity! Wishing you joy and happiness.


    • Janet

      Hi Tammy. Glad to learn that you didn’t miss out this opportunity as opportunity don’t come often! Yes, I want to share this opportunity to as many people as I can so that more people will benefits. There is nothing to lose since the program can be access for free now for the time being.

      After the lock down is over, many people will be back to their normal life. But for those who have taken up this opportunity to learn from this program, they might start to see life differently and have a new better life! Wishing you all the best to a better life! Namaste.

  • Martina

    Hi Janet, I have bought the Heartmath with the feedback technology and it was so worth it.

    No joke, it helped me through my last breakup. I don’t use it as much now but I used it most days for over a year during the tougher times. Honestly relieved both the depression and anxiety I was having by a ton and prevented me from going crazy over analyzing everything (as I feel like we women are prone to do sometimes).

    Just wanted to add to the discussion to say I agree with your review and I would highly recommend to anyone in need of some relaxing!

    – Martina

    • Janet

      Hi Martina. Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m happy to receive feedback from people who has used it and share their experience as this will help to add on value to our readers here.

      Glad to learn that Heartmath has help you walk out from the depression and anxiety you have suffered in life. In fact, I have realized that through Heartmath, we have learn to focus back to our heart, our breath, the present moment. Most of the time stress actually come from over thinking and analyzing.

      Thank you for your highly recommendation to our readers to try this Heartmath. All the best to you! Take care.

  • Rajith

    Hey Janet,

    Thank you for the very informative post. It is always good to read about the heartmath products from a third party. In particular, it was very excited to hear about HRV. I am sure I will be fascinated to measure my own HRV and see the graphs.

    I love meditation and it would be really interesting to see these graphs during meditations. It really looks like a very cool product.

    • Janet

      Hi Rajith, you are most welcome!

      Yes, I actually find that this is really an amazing product that can measure our HRV, know our mood well! We can lie to ourselves about our mood, but our heart, this tool that measure our heart HRV, won’t lie! It is really cool.

      I beside use it to combine with my meditation, I also use it while I’m doing my work. So that I can every second, every moment, knowing what is my emotional state is and quickly change it immediately if need. It helps me to take charge of my own emotion because sometimes we can get carry away easily by the stress from our work.

      You don’t have to keep looking at the app in order to know what is your emotional state. You can actually turn on the sound (you can adjust the volume yourself). Different emotion state will give different sound tone. So just by hearing the sound tone you will know yourself at what emotional state.

      Hope you have find some fun with it and at the same time benefiting you in your life and meditation. Take care!

  • Vatsalya

    Thank you for bringing me to a new tool. As a someone who tries to meditate on a regular basis, I will be signing up for HeartMath.

    Thank you for writing such an informative, detailed, and valuable post and will help people like me who are visual learners.

    Will be recommending this to other friends definitely.

    • Janet

      Hi Vatsalya. You are most welcome!

      Yes, The Heartmath Experience videos program are very easy. You just need to have an open heart and mind to watch all the videos. I don’t know for others, but I feel inspired and more grounded after completed the program because it helps me to have a better understanding what is going on with me and around me too.

      I have been doing lot of experiments myself with the help of The Inner Balance device and app too. Besides just using it on it own, I have combined it together with my meditation in order to figure out how to get more heart coherence meditation. I have also tried doing heart coherence practice with the help of The Inner Balance for about half an hour before going into meditation without using The Inner Balance in order to feel what is the different from a normal meditation without heart coherence practice before hand.

      I have also tested on my heart coherence with the help of The Inner Balance while I’m listening to music or watch certain video talks to see what effect they are on me. The test result has showed me I can reach heart coherence easily when I listen to 528Hz music and watching inspiring video talks.

      And I have problem to maintain at heart coherence state (need to make lot of effort) when I’m doing my work. This is something I’m planning to work on my practice with the help of The Inner Balance while doing whatever stressful work, I am able to maintain at my heart coherence state.

      Above are just some of my own experiments to share. Thank you for helping to recommend this to your other friends so that more people will be aware of it and benefits from it.


  • Jeff

    Being a big health fanatic since experiencing autoimmune diseases, I find HearthMath and Inner Balance very interesting. You really did an awesome job sharing what benefits both of these can do for people.

    I was just wondering would you recommend this to people with autoimmune diseases, and if so would one be better than the other?


    • Janet

      Hi Jeff. I’m a big health fanatic too for body, mind and soul since I start my yoga journey.

      Firstly, I would like to clarify the connection between HeartMath and Inner Balance as I can see you start to get confuse from your last question. HeartMath is a company founded in 1991 by Doc Childre that come out this call HeartMath Experience Program which teaching people the importance and techniques of Heart Coherence.

      The Inner Balance is a device that work together with their app to measure our heart HRV so that we can know whether we are in a heart coherence state from our practice.

      To answer your question whether I would recommend people with autoimmune diseases to practice heart coherence and my answer is Yes.

      I always think that all these allergy and intolerance is a sign of imbalance in our body. There are lot of reasons that can causes all these imbalance but I think the main cause is stress. A healthy balance body will know how to discharge out all the toxin itself from the food we eat.

      When we are stress, it will cause imbalance in the body which will lead to problem discharge out certain toxin and these toxin being accumulate through time and cause bigger problems.

      Changing our diet or on medication can help to improve the condition but it cannot completely heal it. In order to heal it completely, we have to look at the main cause of it which to me is the STRESS.

      Why I recommend HeartMath because they teach you the importance and technique of heart coherence which has proven help to relief stress. Laterly I have come across one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s testimonial that this lady who has suffer lot of allergy and intolerance very badly in her life got herself heal completely through heart coherence practice.

      Dr Joe Dispenza who formerly work with Heartmath before has come out on his own to go deeper into study about heart coherence. As follow is the testimonial I have come across to share with you.


      Therefore, I believe heart coherence practice can help people with autoimmune diseases problem. Hope my above informations do help to answer your questions. Thank you! Keep safe and healthy!


  • Ali

    Hi Janet! Thank you for sharing this helpful information about the free access to HeartMath Experience Program and information about Inner Balance, that’s really great!

    I’ve been always interested to know more about this stress release topic and your comprehensive guide helped me a lot. I definitely share this information with my friends on social networks.

    I think, the Internet needs more quality posts like yours these days, especially when we see a lot of crappy ads and scams. You can’t read a post easily on a website without seeing tons popups but your site and post is an ideal example of a quality article which is not covered by annoying ads, has very useful information and lets readers enjoy reading every piece of it.

    Thank you and I wish you continue providing such that quality information in the future.

    • Janet

      Hi Ali. Thank you and you are most welcome!

      Glad to hear that my article does help you and thank you for sharing this information to your friends to help them too.

      Yes, I will do my best to continue provide more quality information articles as I can always.

      Thank you!

  • Jason

    Very interesting article, in-depth and useful to readers.

    Love the structure of this too, kept me interested and wanting to read on which for me is a key tactic, congrats 🙂

    Thanks for writing and sharing this with us all!

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