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Fractured Bone Foot Can Balance At Tree Pose Too

Yoga not just work on the physical, but your mind as well.  It helps you to learn to face your own ego mind, which has set a limitation and conditions to your life, and overcome it through yoga practice.

Why do I say that? I speak up from my own life experience which I would love to share today.

I started to learn yoga with the purpose of stress relief from work. I actually have a fractured bone foot from past incident before I learn yoga which has resulted me to have a weak right foot, ankle and leg.

Tree pose (Vrikshasana) is a classic standing yoga pose which work on the balancing. And very often this classic yoga pose will be brought up in a yoga class.

I remember I will have this fear arise every time we are asked to do this Tree posture in the class because every time when I stand on my right foot, I will feel weak and cannot balance.

Therefore, I will usually stop trying when I fall because I’m worried that I might cause the old injury worse if I keep work on it. My yoga teacher notice it.

After understanding my condition and concern, he in fact encourage me should practice more often on my right foot to help to strengthen the muscles and improve the condition.

He even shares with me that he has a broken knee in fact and through yoga practice has help him to improve the condition.

From his encouragement, I start to learn to face my fear every time I practice Tree pose and slowly learn to let go my worries and concern.

I keep telling myself I can do it and focus in my practice every time, ignoring that ego mind talk. I don’t put stress to myself by counting the number of days or weeks I took in the practice.

I just do my best to balance as long as I can in the Tree pose in every yoga practice until one day I realize that I can balance already without falling. The best part is I have forgotten that I have a fractured bone foot before actually!

From this experience, I have learnt that our mind has actually put ourselves into some conditions and limitation after a so called bad incident.

From the point of view from the ego mind, it actually try to protect us from getting hurt again by avoiding it. However in this way, it has plant a fear seed on us. This fear has put our life into some condition and limitation.

Therefore, every time when we face our fear, we will have this weak feeling. Most of the time, we will choose to run away from our fear, don’t dare to face it.

But when we learn to overcome our fear and face it with the determination to take the challenge is like we are taking our power back from the ego mind.

Now is like our true soulful self is in-charge and we have slowly become strong enough not being influence by our ego mind anymore through constant regular practice.

The ego mind has come to a point that it has stood together with our true soulful self which explain why I have forgotten about my fractured bone foot. In fact, I don’t feel weak anymore when I talk about it.

Over here I would also like to share one of my video in my YouTube channel which I have made to share about my experience.

Please check it out as below!

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I would also like to share my another video on how to practice Tree poses with different variations. Definitely there will be a variation you can choose to practice from regardless what condition you are in. There is no excuse that you can’t practice Tree pose.

Please check it out as below!


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