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Famous People Who Do Yoga

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual exercise that help to strengthen our body, mind and soul. Many famous BookRetreatsactors, musicians, and professional athletes do practice yoga because they love that yoga gives them a chance to focus and be still.

Generally, people usually set their first impressions of celebrities on the basis of their physical attractiveness.  Celebrities, being part of the mass media, where their physical appearance is a major chunk of their overall personality.

Due to these reasons, celebrities have to follow a strict fitness routine to keep themselves in proper shape at all times. However the pressure to “look good always” can take a toll on their mental health. Therefore, maintaining body-mind wellness becomes essential to them.

To feel and look good, these celebrities practice yoga religiously. Here is a list of some famous people who practice yoga.


Celebrities Who Do Yoga

  • Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston keeps her body and mind in shape with her yoga teacher Mandy Ingber.  She switches up her workouts, but considers yoga her go-to exercise.  She is also a longtime yoga devotee since year 2005.






  • Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian takes private yoga lessons to increase flexibility and improve her life.  She usually works out in the comfort of her converted garage inside the Hidden Hills, California mansion.







  • Britney Spears

Britney Spears has told Shape magazine that she does 90 minutes of yoga twice a week along with a lot of cardio. She may be on hiatus from her musical career, but she is definitely not taking a break from her challenging fitness regimen. The singer loves to share her workout videos on her Instagram page.


Britney-Spears-yoga2 britney-spears-yoga3




  • Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is not just a pop star singer, but also a dedicated yoga practitioner. She regularly practices Ashtanga Yoga which is a physically demanding yoga style that helps with core strength. Through practice and dedication, her strength and flexibility have impressively increased.  She claims that she does yoga not for her body but for her mind.





  • Halle Berry

Halle Berry has had a remarkable career as an actress.  She says she trains her mind as well as her body through yoga and meditation.






  • Jessica Biel

Fitness fanatic Jessica Biel told Elle magazine that yoga is a constant for her because it keeps her muscles long and flexible.  She says yoga helped her find herself in her 20s. She says it helps her with everything that she have to do in her life.





  • Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron keeps her body toned with regular yoga classes. She has revealing that she does two 90-minute sessions of power yoga a week along with two spin classes up to four times.  She is adamant that exercise will never be a chore for her.




  • Miranda Kerr

Model Miranda Kerr has credited mindfulness, yoga and healthy eating have help her to overcome the deep depression. The former Victoria’s Secret model practices yoga and clean eating, as well as meditating twice daily.






  • Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria loves doing yoga and eating healthy foods in order to stay in shape.  She said as you get older, people want to know the secret to looking good and there is no secret. It is diet and exercise.





  • Madonna

Madonna loves yoga so much that she has incorporated complex poses into her live choreography. A famous yoga junkie, she can get her leg behind her head and once even did some sun salutations in an aeroplane aisle too.







  • Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has shared that yoga has helped strengthen both her body and mind which is why it is her most favorite type of workout.




  • Gwyneth Paltrow

Although Gwyneth Paltrow is not a morning person, but she manages to wake up at dawn and practice her yoga. She follows her yoga regimen early in the morning for six days a week.





  • David Beckham

David Beckham is a health-conscious individual who lives a healthy life.  By practicing Bikram yoga on a regular basis, the former athlete has become more flexible, relaxed, and even stronger.



  • Mathew McConaughey

The Academy Award-winning actor Mathew McConaughey likes to believe that his regular yoga and meditation is responsible for his great body and relaxed mind. The fitness enthusiast is often clicked practicing mainly yoga on the California beach.




  • Robert Downey

What keeps Robert Downey so young and fresh?  Well, it is all because of yoga! His yoga experience is inspiring because it helped him reach a mental and spiritual balance and help him overcome his addictions.



  • Adam Levine

The popular singer, Adam Levine, performs a variety of yoga poses, developed especially for him by his personal yoga coaches.  Practicing yoga on a regular basis has boosted his strength, flexibility, patience, and endurance.  He learned calming and energizing yoga breathing techniques and, eventually, meditation.






  • Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven credits the practice of yoga for giving him balance in his life.  For him yoga is all about well-being.  He loved the way that it make him feel.





  • Russell Brand

Russell Brand has leaned toward the famous eastern practice yoga to achieve overall peace.  He proudly shared that he is much happier due to yoga and meditation.  Russell Brand is a devoted yogi.  His is an inspiring story of how he went from being a drug and alcohol addict to being a yoga teacher and meditator.

He has his own yoga studio that aims to help individuals who may be going through the same struggles he went through.







  • Christy Turlington

The supermodel, Christy Turlington, has been a yogi since her teenage days. And she proudly continues to be one. For Christy, giving up on yoga is no option. She attends yoga class at least three or four times a week. Besides conditioning her muscles, her yoga workout routines help keep her energized and focused.




  • Katy Perry

Katy Perry may be introduced to yoga much later in her life but she has appreciated how it has been life changing after her divorce from his former husband Russell Brand.  Meditation and yoga has help her cope with the breakup.






  • Nicole Scherzinger

The American singer, actress, and TV personality, Nicole Scherzinger, is a yoga pro.  We will very often see online photos of her practicing yoga.  The yogi even shared some words of wisdom and writing, “Never stop stretching and challenging yourself.”




  • Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a yoga pro.  While pregnant, she did not give up on her yoga exercises.  She says her yoga training helped her stay connected to her daughter Rani Rose while pregnant.  Her passion for motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives led Kate to co-found Fabletics.

If you are a fan of Kate, you might like and follow her line of activewear which offered stylish and high quality gear at an accessible price point.  Fabletics brand was created in 2013.




  • Vanessa Hudgens

The reason behind Vanessa Hudgen’s radiant beauty and toned body is her active and healthy lifestyle. Including many things that she does to maintain her body, she swears by her yoga classes.  To her, yoga is “therapy” which has helped her to stay centered and focused and helped her get back to her former self.







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  • Erick Darke

    I actually tried yoga for a few classes a couple of years back and was very relaxing and enjoyable to be honest.Being older now you tend to get more aches and pains in your body that is normal.but it did help to alleviate some discomfort in my frame . Yoga like everything else it has to be practiced regularly to get the most out of the exercises.As well to get the maximum benefit out of the poses and positions .I am not at all that so many celebs practice the art of yoga. I would guess maybe half of Hollywood has been or is currently involved in daily yoga exercises.

    • Janet

      Hi. Thank you for your sharing. You should consider start going back to yoga class. Yoga is more than working on the physical. It work on our mind too. Practise regularly and you will find the real art of yoga..:-)

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