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Create A Website For FREE Online

Do you want to learn how to create a website online for free? So that you can share your master piece website with your family members and friends!laptop-website

Creating free websites online can be quite fun learning whether is for your own personal website or business website. You can have the control of how you want your website to be look like. Able to create your website for free online can be quite satisfying.

While to pay someone to create a website for you can be quite frustrating especially when they couldn’t produce the look of the website that you want.

If for business use, you will feel that you have to depend on the other person to do some update and changes of your website that you required for your business. If you know how to do it yourself, you can have it done within a short time as and when you want. So that you can make sure that your business website is up to date online for public view.

FREE Member, FREE Websites & FREE Training

If there is a platform can provide the following:

  • Open FREE Member Account
  • Give you 1 FREE Website to create
  • Provide FREE video training lessons to teach you step by step how to create a basic websitie

Are you interested? You don’t need to have IT background at all in order to create your website for free online. The video training lessons will teach you in step by step. You just have to follow the lessons through. The best part is you can always go back to the previous video training lessons anytime to repeat as many times as you like until you get it.

My Experience

I’m so excited at that time that I can create my own website for free online some more without paying to learn although it is a simple basic website. The video training lessons are really very helpful which make it very easy to learn.


I hate reading instruction in words as I have to search high and low on the screen to look out for stuffs as mention in the instruction and some time also difficult to understand the instruction given.

And you can always ask as many questions as you like if you encounter any problem or difficulty by posting your questions in live support from the community.  The members there are more than willing to help you.

This is the first live support community I have come across that are so strong and helpful.  However, you can only get to excess to this live community for first 7 Days FREE only because this is the benefit for Premium Membership only. But you can still access to the site support for Free Membership.

You can stay on as a FREE Member with your 1 FREE Website with no expiry date as long as you continue writing your blog.  Your blogs will remain available for 6 months unused or longer if you continue writing.

Unless you have the intention to go into Affiliate Marketing online business, then you need to upgrade to Premium Member with either a monthly or yearly subscription fee in order to take up more training lessons and deeper your knowledge.

As a Premium Member, you get to access to everything in the platform with no hidden cost. If not, you can remain as a FREE Member as long as you like.

Below is an overall view table for your easy understand what are the difference between FREE Membership and Premium Membership.

You can join as FREE Member first and explore the platform yourself to have a feel of it. It is no harm exploring since it is FREE!

So far I have not come across another platform yet that allow you to create a website online free plus video training lessons which teach you the step by step way to create your own website online.

If you are interested, you may like to check it out HERE

Have Fun with your website creating!


You have any thought you would like to share or any questions you would like to ask?  You are welcome to leave them in my comments box provided below.  I am more than happy to hear from you and help you if you have any questions!..:-)


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I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher. I have been practicing yoga since year 2002 and start teaching since year 2004. I have created Janet Yoga Spirit to help everyone who is in the yoga journey and provide products and services to help everyone in whatever they are looking for in related to yoga including nice and comfortable yoga clothings for your yoga practice, yoga accessories that help you in your practice, retreats to help you to unplug yourself, yoga teacher training, yoga and meditation classes, yoga and wellness programs, tools to help you with the union of the body, mind and soul, and much more! Learn more about me under "About" and enjoy looking around and have a good time here! Namaste.


  • Satz

    Hi Janet,

    This is really good information, glad to know that we have a platform which provides training and helps me create a website for free for Starter account. I had a quick question for you, How long does it take to have a viable online business? Everyone is talking about it but is it that easy as it looks ? Would appreciate your views on this ?

    • Janet

      Hi Satz. Thank you for reading my post. As for how long does it take to have a viable online business is really depend on individual. Some people can make it in a short period of time while some people might take longer time. There are lot of factors need to put into consideration like how much time and effort have you put into your online business? are you writing a content with the purpose and intention of helping people? how much trust does your customers have on your online business?

      If a person has an intention of earning quick money and success fast, this will not work. Because he will give up easily. We have to be patient. Everything take time to grow. We cannot rush it. You may like to check out my this blog post HERE which I have shared about being patient in online business.

      We need to give time for people to get to know us better and trust our online business. We should be doing it out of our passion. Yes I agree we need to make money in order to survive. But making money shouldn’t become the main power force to push us. It is our passion in doing it should be the main power force to push us through the online business.

      Hope all these help you and wish you success in your online business too…:-)

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