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Benefits Of High Frequency

When we are into high frequency or vibration, a lot of things can fall into our favor in life, whether is for our manifestation, health or financial.

But before you learn how to raise your frequency and increase your vibration which I will share it in my next blog post, today I am going to share with you the benefits of raising your vibration and understand what is vibrational frequency and how are we related to it.



What Is Vibrational Frequency

According to Quantum physics, everything is made of energy whether it be a human, plant, stone, thought or emotion, everything in our existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies.

And based on the Universal Law No. 2 – Law of Vibration, that energy is in a constant state of vibration.Stress Relief Any Time, Any Where with HeartMath

Frequency, which is measured in hertz (Hz) units, is the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur. Frequencies are used to determine and differentiate vibrational patterns.

So, an atom that is vibrating at a faster rate would be considered a higher frequency than one that is vibrating at a much slower rate.

Positive emotions like joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love have higher frequency.

While negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, frustration, nervousness, fear, disappointment and despair have lower frequency.


How Vibration and Frequency Affect Our Well-being

Humans have an optimal frequency so does everything else in the universe that occurs when each of the cells in our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to.

JanetYogaSpirit DESIGNThe famous researcher and developer of Tainio Technology, Bruce Tainio, has found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz.

And when your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when disease starts. Bacteria, viruses and disease each have their own, low frequency that influence your energy field.

As your frequency drops due to environmental and physiological factors, your immune system is compromised and opportunistic bacteria and viruses are able to wreak havoc on your body and making you more likely to be influenced or harmed by the disease.

Trapped emotions stored in our organs, muscles and tissues as pockets of electromagnetic energy also have a negative influence to our well being.

Disharmony and imbalance in the body’s energy field shows up long before it becomes a physical problem.


Benefits Of High Vibrational Frequency

We will work smarter and likely be more abundant with ease! The higher the energy, the more the creativity flows freely. Happier people also tend to make more money and have seemingly better “luck.”

We will have more time. There is less tension and panic so our bodies can move more easily. We can think with greater flow and find ways to make all that we want fit into the day!

Energy-Codes-BookObstacles don’t rock our world as profoundly. With more of our mental bandwidth free, it is easier to leap into a mode of solutions.

Synchronicity flourishes. It makes our manifestation all easier when we are living in a creative energy field with less interference and effort involved!

We will have more empathy when we feel grounded, safe and great within ourselves.

Empathy might be the most vital force on Earth, connecting each and every one of us if we see the connections. Don’t forget about the Universal Law No. 1 – Law of Divine Oneness!

Positive risks become easier. We will always dare more greatly when you feel super-solid about our ability to navigate anything in our path!

Intuition speaks more clearly. It is far easier to follow intuition when our lives are in order because it’s very hard to interpret signals and gut feelings if we are cluttered or living with a lot of distortion or unrest.

It is easier to confront things because when we are feeling great and want to take life to the next level, we will be happy to see it so that we know what we can sweep away next!


How To Identify Your Frequency State

The lower the frequency, the denser your energy, and the heavier your problems seem. You may experience pain and discomfort in your physical body and experience heavy emotions and mental confusion.LOA-quiz

Psychically, your energy is darker. You need to exert a great deal of effort to accomplish your goals. Overall, your life takes on a negative quality.

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy.

You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with. Your energy is literally full of light!

Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease. Overall, your life takes on a positive quality.


High Frequency vs Low Frequency

The lower and denser energies will naturally want to rise when around the higher and lighter energies. However, this process will feel very uncomfortable for people who carry the lower energies and people who carry the higher energies for a while.Unlock Your Mind's Power

It is important for people who carry a higher vibration to maintain it and not lower it no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

For those people who carry a higher vibration, if you feel exhausted and like energy being drain off after connect to people who are in lower vibration, it means that their low frequency have affected your energy field.

In other words, your frequency is not strong or high enough to fight against these strong lower frequency.

Therefore, you are affected by them. In long run, you can get influence by them and have a lower vibration like them.

In order to protect your energy field so that you are not affected by them, stay away from them. This is not being selfish. We have to protect our energy field in order to be able to help more other people with low vibration.

Someone who have a much higher frequency will help them up. We just need to learn to raise our own vibrational frequency higher and help those we can.



Quantum Physics has been discovered since 1913 but not everybody learn or understand it. So don’t even mention to understand how vibration and frequency can affect our well-being.

As we can see most of the people are in stress nowadays. In other words, most of the people are in lower vibrational frequency therefore they are at a higher risk to attract disease since we have learnt that bacteria, viruses and disease each have their own, low frequency.

So maybe it is time for humans to really look at it seriously and understand the importance of raising their vibrational frequency.


Unlock Your Mind's Power


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  • Jeff

    I just always learn so many new things every time I visit your website. I have never heard of high frequency before let alone knew the benefits of high frequency could be so important.

    You are doing such an amazing service providing these healthy, helpful articles for your readers, and I look forward to your next article to read and learn from you.

    Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Jeff. Yes, we never stop from learning new things. I always like to share what I have learnt or discovered that can bring benefits to more beings.

      In the past, I have been received advice from higher frequency beings to raise my frequency. At that time, I don’t quite get it and understand what is frequency and why I need to raise my frequency.

      So I have been doing some research about it and it become like a snow ball as it can connnected to more and more things. And it make everything look more sense! The best it has been proved by science.

      Yes, in my next article, I will share about how to raise our frequency.

      Lately, I’m also into research more deeper about energy and have amazing discovery as I feel resonated with the information I have learn because I have actually known them from someone in the past but I just don’t understand all about it in details at that time!

      Don’t worry, I will share them when I’m ready because I also need time to digest as too much information at the same time..:-)

  • Teresa

    I really love reading about high frequency and manifestation. I could go on about the topic all day long and never get tired of it.

    And the examples of manifestations in my life, I could also go on with those.

    All you really have to do is pay attention. Then you will see the power of maintaining that high frequency.

    Consider your site bookmarked!!

    • Janet

      Hi Teresa. Thank you sharing your thought and glad to learn that you love reading my article!

      Yes, mindfulness is one of the key to maintain that high frequency. Mindful of our thought, words, response and reaction.

      I will share more in my next artcles. Thank you for bookmark my site..:-)

      See you soon in my next article!

  • Kathy

    I’m a great believer in law of vibration, and the effect negative thoughts can have.

    It’s so true that if you’re feeling happy, calm and relaxed, your creative flow will be stronger.

    I’ve always found I get my best ideas when I’m in a higher state of vibration as opposed to feeling anxious:-)

    Thanks for sharing:-)

    • Janet

      Hi Kathy. Thank you for sharing your experience!

      Yes, having a higher frequency is definitely benefits to our well-being, health and life.

  • Matt Lin

    Hi Janet,

    I didn’t know high frequency until I read this article although it’s a bit mysterious to me.

    Based on your verdict, I think people should try to keep high frequency all the time to maintain a positive life.

    That’s the reason why I expect to read you next article about how to raise the frequency and increase the vibration of our bodies.

    Does this high frequency has something to do with law of attraction? I do find some of the process are quite the same.


    • Janet

      Hi Matt. Yes, you will feel it’s abit mysterious if you have not heard or studied about Quantum physics which are proven by science. It’s not too late to learn!..:-)

      According to Quantum physics, everything is made of energy whether it be a human, plant, stone, thought or emotion, everything in our existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies.

      This high frequency can be apply to the Law of Attraction theory as well because Law of Attraction is about energy too!

      I have another blog article which I have explain about how Law of Attraction work you might be interested to check it out HERE.

      Yes, my next article about how to raise the frequency and increase the vibration of our bodies will be available soon..:-)

  • David Buckley

    Hi Janet. Always good to read your site as it sets the world at ease.

    Great piece on manifestation and frequency as usual a nice easy to read high content article that flows well and draws you in. Well done!

    • Janet

      Hi David. Thank you very much!

      Don’t forget to follow up with my next coming article on how to raise your frequency and vibration..:-)

  • M Charles

    I’m not really sure if I understand the issue of Frequency, but I know that if someone develops a positive mental attitude, it will definitely bring a lot of emotional, physical and even financial benefits to the person.

    • Janet

      Hi Charles. Yes, not many people understand about energy or frequency unless you study about Quantum Physics.

      You are right. Positive mental attitude will bring lot of benefits. But why and how? Here Quantum Physics has come into pictures which has explained how this is possible because of the energy frequency.

      Mostly people will only believe in things that can be explain and proven by science.

      If you are interested to understand better and deeper, I can recommend you to read this book “The Energy Codes” by Dr Sue Morter which might can help you to have a better understanding.

      Read with an open mind. Empty your cup first before you can fill it up with more water again! In other words, clear your mind first before you can receive more knowledge.

    • Janet

      Hi Jason. Thank you and you are most welcome!

      If you like, you may join my newsletter where you will receive update through email when I have new information to share on my blog.

      Hope to see you again!

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