Eco Friendly Clothes

Benefits Of Eco Friendly Clothes

Have you heard people talking about to support and buy Eco friendly products to help to save the earth that we are living with? You might wonder what are Eco friendly products and how do we save the earth by using them?

Eco Friendly Products Definition

Eco-friendly literally means earth friendly or not harmful to the environment. So Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal. In other words, these products help preserve the environment by reducing the pollution they could produce.windmill

Some of those going green products when in use, help conserve energy, minimize carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases, and does not lead to substantial toxicity or pollution to the environment.

While other green products are biodegradable, recyclable or compo stable. Therefore, they do not harm the environment or upset the ecological balance when they are disposed of.

And there are also Eco friendly products that are made out of recycled materials. These recycle products can help reduce the need for new raw materials and the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. The waste can be diverted to making recycled products.

In turn, demand for these recycle products will also help complete the recycling loop, and sustain the recycling industry too.

The Eco friendly products could range from Eco friendly clothing, environmentally friendly household cleaning products, or even Eco gifts for your loved ones.


Why Use Eco Friendly Products

Just look at the world’s consumption rate today. Things are being produced, used and then dispose of at a super rapid pace. If we make no efforts to switch to green alternatives now, in no time to come, we will be surrounded by the pollution and toxins caused by producing, using and disposing these non-green items.


And the recycling industry would also not be sustainable because there is little demand for recycle products.

We will also face a serious shortage of resources and energy due to much of these resources and energy would have been wasted in driving non-energy-efficient equipment and producing new materials and things.

Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that the use of Eco-friendly products will allow each one of us to decrease the negative effect we create when inhibiting this planet.


Benefits Of Using Eco Friendly Products

Some people do not see the harm we do to our planet, but life is changing bit by bit without realizing if we are not observant

There is global warming because of the chemicals intoxicating our Earth. Fortunately, there are still people who do care enough to fix things and make them better. People and organizations are promoting Eco-friendly products to try to contribute to save our one world.

Hereby are some advantages of Eco-Friendly Products:

Saves Energy

Eco-friendly products such as solar panels which generate energy from the sun. They serve as another choice to fossil fuels in producing electricity. They are non-renewable which means they do not consume materials like gas, coal or oil.

Low Maintenance

Eco-friendly buildings are lower in maintenance because of reduced operation. As an example, an Eco-friendly facility promotes natural lighting by using huge windows. It results in the prevention of wasteful use of energy along with the decrease in artificial lighting usage.

Costs Less

Green buildings allow for the prevention of wasteful use of water and energy. Construction may be more expensive, however in the long run, it is a way of investing for a reliable and decreased operation and maintenance costs.

Improves Environment

Eco-friendly products help to improve the indoor environment. Nowadays, it is becoming an architectural trend to go for designs which allow for natural lighting, air quality and ventilation. These factors will contribute to the bright and cozy ambiance.

Saves Water

Green building promotes water conservation and make sure of that the future generations would still live with abundant and clean waters. It also permits alternative water sources like rainwater and encourages water recycling.

Improves Health

Green buildings and Eco-friendly products are safe to the health as the materials used are free of harmful chemicals and components. People are at peace by knowing they don’t expose themselves to dangerous elements caused by pollution. Green buildings and Eco-friendly products do not use plastic by-products that release toxic materials.

Improves Mental Health

Green buildings will help to provide a pleasant environment which is beneficial to both physical and mental health. They diminish stress and enhance the quality of our life. By installing huge windows, we are inviting healthy and fresh air inside, and the natural lighting provides clear and bright ambiance.

Saves Material

Green buildings and Eco-friendly products ensure efficiency by using non-harmful materials without sacrificing quality. They also regard processes that produce little waste in order to avoid pollution. Experts in Eco-friendly and green buildings use recyclable and long-lasting materials.

Saves Environment

Green buildings and Eco-friendly products contribute to saving the environment by not using materials that are harmful. Their construction and production are also by the aim of preventing pollution. They avoid the use of fossil energy. They also help in reducing the levels of carbon oxide to the atmosphere, hence prevention of climate change.


We should be mindful of using our natural resources. As much as we have the right to harness all the provisions of our Mother Nature, we also have the responsibility to protect our Earth, our home.

We need to find and plan ways to meet our needs without endangering the environment. With the use of Eco-friendly buildings, we have sent a message that people care.

Yes, innovation is a way to take advantage of life as we only have one life. However, we also have one world too. No world no home. The least we could do is to play our part in protecting our Mother Earth.


Benefits Of Eco Friendly Clothes

The Earth being overrun by pollution, every person has to do their bit to help to save our environment. An easy way to start is by wearing Eco-friendly clothes. Hereby are some benefits of this decision:

Reduces the Amount of Pesticides Released into The Environment

Most clothes are made from cotton and cotton farming requires a lot of pesticides to be used in order to ensure a healthy crop. By wearing clothes that are Eco-friendly, you are reducing the amount of pesticides used on a daily basis as you are lowering the demand for clothing made from cotton.

Reduces Toxic Waste

Clothes dyes are massively harmful to the environment and cotton clothes requires 1/3 of a pound of chemicals for a single shirt. That amount really adds up is causing great damage for our environment.

Support Fair Trade

By buying clothes that labeled under the Fair Trade Act, you have reassurance that the manufacturing process did not involve any sweatshops and that the working conditions of employees were safe. This helps you to support human rights while at the same time also protecting the

Support Animal Rights

Clothes that made of leather or fur require the deaths of many animals. The guilt of wearing these clothes is too much for many people. By changing to cruelty-free clothing you can rest assured that your fashion didn’t cause the death of another living being.

Quality Is Higher

By buying organic clothes and purchasing timeless clothes will help to cut down on consumerism. This in turn reduces your carbon footprint and will help you save money in the long term.

Clothes Will Be Unique

Hitting up a vintage shop will mean that you have many clothing that no one else will have. Mainstream clothing is mass-produced and therefore it is not uncommon for a single piece to be owned by many people. So going Eco-friendly will increase your individuality.

Maintenance Is Greener

Clothes produced from Eco-friendly resources will need special care. This means that washing clothes in cold water, not using a tumble dryer and not using chemical detergents. All of these things will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn a New Skill

Many people who start to wear Eco-friendly clothes also learn how to customize and make their own clothes. You will be improving yourself while also saving the planet.

Be Less of a Strain On Our Planet’s Resources

Clothing materials take a lot and cotton especially as well as many others. The materials to make clothing are fast running out and in order to keep up with the demand farming practices that are harmful to the planet have been used.

By buying clothes that made from renewable materials such as hemp, you are reducing the demand. This will lead to a reduction in the pollution that clothing manufacturing causes.

Your Clothes Won’t Harm You

Many people have experience allergic reactions to clothes treated with chemical dyes. By wearing organic clothing, you no longer have to worry about your clothes impacting your health and skin.


Shopping For Eco Friendly Products

Before you begin on your shopping for green products, find out about the range of goods and brands available.

More importantly, do check out the reviews of environmentally friendly products and brands. And find out which brands and products are of quality and value-for-money, and are truly Eco friendly.

Enjoy your shopping!..:-)

Please feel free to leave any comments below or anything you would like to share about after reading my post or any questions you have are all welcome.  I am more than happy to read your comments and sharing, and to help you with your questions..:-)  Thank you!




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