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Affordable Yoga Classes in Singapore

What Is The Meaning Of Hatha Yoga

Hello everyone!  I’m Janet, the Founder of Janet Yoga Spirit.  Firstly, I would like to welcome you to Janet Yoga Spirit – All About Yoga For Everyone!  If you have read “About Me”, you must have learn about my background.  I’m a freelance Yoga Teacher since year 2004.
Yoga is for everyone.  Through the physical and mental practices of yoga, a person can achieve deep relaxation that helps maintain inner peace and a positive self-image.


stones-balanceHatha Yoga. This is what most people think of as yoga.  Here you find the physical postures, poses, and exercises that work directly on the body and, in turn, on the mind.  People are attracted to Hatha yoga because its benefits are felt immediately.  It relaxes the body, calms the mind, and brings greater awareness to your life.

The most popular form of yoga today, Hatha can be defined in two ways.  First, the word divides into “ha”, which in Sanskrit means sun, and “tha”, which is the moon.

Therefore, Hatha is often interpreted to mean the “balance” of opposites (male and female) within a person.

Another meaning of Hatha is “forceful” or “effort”, which signifies transformation through the effort or force of the physical body.

Affordable Yoga Classes in Singapore

Are you looking for affortable Yoga Classes in Singapore?  I am conducting various type of Yoga class at private studios which are just a walking distance from MRT stations.yoga-sign

Whether you are staying nearby or a distance away, it is never too far as long as it is easily be reach by MRT.  And there are lot of eating places nearby which you can have a good meal after the yoga class.

Please find below link for more details!

Yoga Classes conduct by Katimera Janet



Private Yoga Class in Singapore


If you are looking for private yoga class in Singapore which are conducted at your convenient home and time,  you may visit Private Yoga Session for more details.

By having a private yoga class at your home can help to save your tme and cost in travelling on road.  It is always feel comfortable and relax at your own home.

Your can have a yoga class with your family or friends which is so much fun and help in the bond between friends or family members.

If your place is not convenient to conduct the yoga lesson, no worries! You or/and family and friends can have the lesson in our private studios which are located right in the city centre of Singapore with MRT station nearby only.



Corporate Yoga Lessons

If you are looking for Corporate Yoga Lessons in Singapore which are conducted at your convenient place and time, corporate

you may visit Corporate Yoga Lessons for more details.  You can either go for a package or by session.

By having a Corporate yoga lessons at your place can help to build up the bond between people.  It helps your employees to feel connected with the company which become more productive at work.

It also help to promote healthy lifestyle to your employees.

If your place is not convenient to conduct the yoga lesson, no worries! Your staffs can have the lesson in our private studios which are located right in the city centre of Singapore with MRT station nearby only.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or need more information.  I am more than happy to help you…:-)  Take care!




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I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher. I have been practicing yoga since year 2002 and start teaching since year 2004. I have created Janet Yoga Spirit to help everyone who is in the yoga journey and provide products and services to help everyone in whatever they are looking for in related to yoga including nice and comfortable yoga clothings for your yoga practice, yoga accessories that help you in your practice, retreats to help you to unplug yourself, yoga teacher training, yoga and meditation classes, yoga and wellness programs, tools to help you with the union of the body, mind and soul, and much more! Learn more about me under "About" and enjoy looking around and have a good time here! Namaste.


  • Philip

    Hi Janet,

    I have never tried yoga but since I am approaching forty soon I guess it is something I may get into to keep fit. I notice how celebs take it too far and lose far too much weight, for me, its all about the meditative state that is so relaxing that comes with doing it. I am glad now I clicked on your article Janet as I never heard of Hatha Yoga before and so now I can look into this further. Much appreciated.



    • Janet

      Hi Philip. It is never too late or too old to start learning yoga..:-) Hatha yoga is a traditional yoga which is suitable for beginner. You can have a try on it. I believe you will love it…:-)

  • margaret

    Hi Janet, I enjoyed reading your post-Affordable Yoga Classes in Singapore. I have always loved yoga and still practice some at home. Yoga makes you feel great and it is so relaxing. Although, I have never heard of Hatha Yoga.

    I am from the United States and wished you lived here. I would love to take your yoga class.

    Best Wishes,

    • Janet

      Hi Margaret. Happy to learn that you love yoga and still practicing it. All yoga practice is the same regardless is Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, etc It is just different style but the fundamental is the same. If you go and try out and observe different type of yoga classes, you will notice there is some similiarity in them. There is no such thing as which type of practise is better as it depend on individual need and preference. And your need and preference can change too as your age.

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