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It is my pleasure to be able to help you to look for whatever things you are looking for in related to yoga including nice and comfortable yoga clothings for your yoga practice, yoga accessories that help you in your practice, retreats to help you to unplug yourself, yoga teacher training, yoga and meditation classes, yoga and wellness programs, tools to help you with the union of the body, mind and soul, and much more!

Yoga is all about the Body, Mind and Soul!

Enjoy looking around and have a good time here! Namaste..:-)


My Yoga Life Journey

I’m a qualified yoga teacher who is holding a Yoga Instructors Certificate Course (YICC) with Grade A conducted by Indian Yoga Institute of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (s VYASA) at Vivekananda Yoga Centre. I have been practicing yoga since year 2002 and start teaching since year 2004.

Before the beginning of my yoga journey, I have been working in the accounting line for 11 years since 1992. In year 2002 especially, I have been feeling very stressed in my work.  Therefore, I have decided to enroll for a Yoga course because I had heard about Yoga being able to help release stress.

From the moment I started with this course, I have been repeatedly signing up for the same Yoga course for each and every 12 week cycle. I have never skipped any of the classes unnecessarily. In fact, every week I find myself looking forward to the classes, and never tire of the experience. I love and enjoy the yoga session.

This is where I decided to become a Yoga Teacher and begin my yoga teaching journey in year 2004 to help more people to gain good health and release their daily stress especially in our stressful modern life nowadays.



My Purpose to Help People in their Yoga Journey

During my yoga teaching journey, I get to learn the helpfulness and usefulness of yoga products and accessories as I realize there are lot of people have problem attempting certain yoga poses either due to their inflexibility or physical problem.

And not having a proper yoga attire can also cause some restriction to the body stretching and injury. And wearing a comfortable yoga clothings can also help you to feel good during yoga practice. Imagine you are wearing something uncomfortable, you will not be able to concentrate and focus on your practice.

I have also come across a lot of beginners yoga practitioner who want to save money have bought a cheap poor quality yoga mat. From my experience, it is dangerous to practice on a poor quality unstable yoga mat because it can cause injury easily. So don’t mention it will cause even more harm to a beginner.

You can save money to buy other expensive yoga products and accessories but try not to save money on a good yoga mat. Your safety is more important than anything else! A good quality yoga mat can actually last you a long lifetime.  Stay safe, so you can have a peace of mind to focus on your yoga practice.



The Goal Of Janet Yoga Spirit

My purpose and goal of my website is to put everything in related to yoga together under one roof, one stop. To bring convenience to everyone into their yoga journey to find what they are looking for.

Including to help everyone whether women, men or for your children to find a nice and comfortable yoga clothings which can help you to feel good and safe during your yoga practice.

To find a good quality yoga mat and accessories to help in your yoga practice.  And to find yoga classes and programs to help you to keep fit and healthy.

And also to help you to become a yoga teacher if you are looking for yoga teacher training.  To help you to unplug yourself by providing yoga retreats, meditation retreats, wellness retreats and many other retreats in worldwide.  And also provide cheap online flights and hotels booking for your convenience.

Some e-books and more mind services and products to help you to become a better person and have a better life.

And to share my knowledge and experience to everyone!

Even you are not looking for any particular thing, it is a place too for you to have an eye-opening and learn what is available in yoga market now and for the body and mind as well.  So just treat it as a little yoga journey tour for you..:-)




If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out. If there is any yoga related stuffs which you can’t find it here, please do let me know too and I am more than happy to add them in to improve my website.

All the best to your yoga journey,

Love from,

Katimera Janet

The Founder of


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  • Thorhallur Maack

    Hello and thank you for this nice website. You are a true professional both as a website owner and a Yoga teacher.

    I have read some of your posts and they are telling me things I did not know. I need to come back to this website and read some more.

    Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Thorhallur. Thank you for visiting my website and glad to learn that you enjoy reading my posts..:-) I will do my best to share as much as I can to help everyone to learn or find something here. See you again! Namaste..:-)

  • Lyne

    Hello Janet,

    I really like your website. You talk about your topic with confidence and give us confidence when reading.

    I’m actually looking for yoga clothing for children under 12 years old, and I just find the good place to find it!!! Defenitly your site is very informative, interesting.


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