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12 Universal Laws – You Must Know!

All countries have it owns law. When you want to do something in a country, your life will be easy if you learn their law. It’s the same meaning when you try to operate your new mobile phone or new equipment, you have to study the manual first in order to make your life easy when operating it.

Do you ever feel that life is difficult, full of obstacle? Do you feel that you have problem manifest what you want even you have studied the Law of Attraction and follow their guide?

That’s what it feels like when we try to navigate through life without understanding that there are various laws of Nature (Universal laws) to abide by in order to win the game of life.

When we choose to ignore the natural Laws of the Universe, we will experience struggle, resistance, unfulfilled destiny, pain, lack of direction etc.

The Law of Attraction that we know it well is just one of the 12 Universal Laws. If you want your life easy, you need to apply all the 12 Universal Laws in your life.

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12 Universal Laws That Will Change Your Life

There are 12 Universal Laws by which everything in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony with these Laws. Learning and understanding them will give you the power to greatly influence your life in positive ways.Navigating Rapid Change

It has always been in the nature of humanity to believe mostly in the things we can see, taste, hear, touch or feel while doubting anything else that is beyond the perception of our immediate senses.

However, whether you believe it or not, these Universal Laws influence our everyday lives and you cannot change that. It’s the same meaning you cannot change the Nature.

You can liken these Universal Laws to a very deep root of a tree buried underground which our ordinary eyes cannot see and yet, the root exerts so much influence on the tree because without the root, a tree cannot stand. This is the Nature.

Here is a brief outline of the 12 Universal Laws:


1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness is the first of the 12 Universal Laws and it helps us to understand that in this World we live, everything is connected to everything else. We are all connected, every person, animal, tree and beings. We are all one with the universe from which we are created.

Every thought, words, actions and beliefs of ours affect others and the surrounding universe regardless of whether the people are near or far away. In other words, beyond time and space.

Honour and value the divinity within you and all other beings.


2. The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe is energy and all things have a unique vibration frequency. Just as there are sound vibrations, so are there vibrations of thought and feeling.Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

When you hear people say ‘like attracts like’, they are actually referring to how a vibration energy can resonate with or is attracted to the same or a similar vibration energy.

In order to create the life we want we must align ourselves with the frequency of that which we wish to attract. This is the essence of the quote ‘thoughts become things’.

Basically, this is the reason why what others do or say affect us directly or indirectly. However, if you are not happy with your current vibration, you will need to make a conscious choice to focus your energy more on positive emotions and less on negative emotions in order to raise your vibration higher beyond the one you do not want in your life.

If you do not want more bad news coming to you, do not be the one to start spreading it around to others. By giving others that which you desire, you indirectly increase that which comes back to you.


3. The Law of Action

The Law of Action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support our words, feelings, vision, thoughts, dreams and emotions. We must engage in actions that support our intentions.

These actions will bring us manifestation of various results which are dependent on our specifically chosen words, thoughts, dreams and emotions.


4. The Law of Correspondence

This Universal Law states that your outer world or life experience is a direct reflection of your inner world: Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Therefore, we need to accept responsibility for our own lives.

If you spend your days thinking angry, negative thoughts, your life experience will be filled with anger and negativity. If you wish to change the outside, change the inside.


5. The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. Everything happen for a reason. This means that, we have to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives.

Every action has an equal reaction or consequence and it is what we plant that we reap. We cannot plant an Orchid flower and expect to reap a Rose flower. In other words, every thought, words, action are full of energy.


6. The Law of Compensation

This Law of Compensation is the extended arm of the Law of Cause and Effect which is applied to abundance and blessings that flow into our lives in the form of friendships, gifts, money, inheritances and other forms of blessings. These various forms of compensation are the visible effects of our direct and indirect actions carried out throughout our lives.

You get back what you give to others, as you give, so shall you receive. You give love to others, so you shall receive more love in return. If you want to receive good things and be surrounded by good energy, be that example.


7. The Law of Attraction

This Law of Attraction shows how we create the events, people and things that come into our lives. All our thoughts, words, feelings and actions give out energies which, likewise attract like energies.

Positive energies will always attract positive energies while negative energies will always attract negative energies. It doesn’t matter whether you want the negative or not. What you place your attention on, is what you attract into your life.

If you do not like the negative, you just need to raise your vibration higher and away from it in order to fully apply this Law of Attraction to work for you. When anyone starts out thinking negatively, their vibration is lowered.


8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy is a powerful one. It states that we all have power within us to change any condition in our lives that we are not happy with. Higher energy vibration will definitely consume and transform lower ones.

Therefore, we can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect a positive change in our lives. Learning to go with the flow of the Universe when we resist change.


9. Law of Relativity

In life we are all faced with challenges to overcome. This law teaches us to give our problems their proper perspective. What we do with those challenges will define us to the end determine what we become. No matter how bad we perceive our situation to be, there is always someone who is in a worse position. It’s all relative.

Recognise the present situation for what it is and don’t look at it from your conditioned experience. At peace with everything that happens to you and know that it is being taken care of. Take action that feels good. If you take action from fear, you will attract more struggle and things vibrating on that level.


10. Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that within all things lies its exact opposite. There has to be darkness so that we might appreciate Light. There is solid and liquid and we can see and feel the difference.Stress Relief Any Time, Any Where with HeartMath

We have the ability to suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by focusing on the opposite thought thereby bringing the desired positive change. This could also be likened to the Law of Mental Vibration.

For negative outcome by accepting it first. When you accept it you will become aware of it and experiencing it while comforting yourself so that it can transform into a higher one.

Do not resist life. Physical reality reflects your inner world. Be grateful for what it is showing you and then take action towards a different outcome.


11. The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm states that everything vibrates and moves to a certain rhythm. This rhythm establishes cycles, seasons, patterns, and stages of development.

Often as humans we struggle to accept this and instead attempt to manipulate and control the world to our liking. Understanding the law of rhythm releases the attachment to having things when we think we want them, and helps us to trust that there is a divine order to all things.

The sooner you embrace and accept the changes in your life the sooner you will transcend the transformation period and see the great opportunity hidden behind it.


12. The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender states that everything has its masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) principles, and that these are the basis for all creation in the Universe. In order to achieve balance both forces must be present.

We need to balance the yin and yang energies within us in order to achieve self mastery.



It’s important to learn the 12 Universal Laws and apply them in our life. This will help to make our life easy especially when we face challenges in life. If you choose to ignore the present of these natural Laws of the Universe, it’s like you are living a life by against the tidal waves of the sea. The choice is yours since everyone of us has the free will.

There are also lot of books talk about the Universal Laws.  If you love to learn more, you may like to check it


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  • Thabo Khoza

    These a great laws of the universe, thank you. I had known just 5 because I read a lot of Bob Proctors books which talks about the laws of the universe especially the vibration.

    I think the law of rhythm is what has made me learn a lot about in your article.

  • Ola

    Hi Janet – this topic, in particular energy and vibrational frequency is something I have been researching with intent over the last year.

    I was researching it just to help me understand it in relation to the LoA and manifestation. Your article confirms what I have learned and I have gained greater insight into this from what I have read here.

    Thank you so much for providing clear and detailed information.

    • Janet

      Hi Ola. You are most welcome! Glad that you have find my article helpful and gain greater insight to you.

      If we study these 12 universal laws closely and apply it in our life experience, we will come to a realization and better understanding what is going on with our life and make the right choice of thought, feeling and action. We will not see life as good or bad because they are just an experience for us to learn, realise something and help us to grow to become a better person.

      Whatever the situation is, it is how we response and react to it to decide it as good or bad. Therefore for the same kind of situation, to some people it is bad but to other it is good! It depend how you look at it, response and react to it.

  • Bob

    Hi Janet,

    This is riveting stuff for me! Your article on the 12 universal laws explains these in a way I haven’t seen before. I’m only familiar with the Universal Law of Attraction, but this adds more laws to be aware of and how to obey and apply them to your own life.

    I wholeheartedly agree that it’s important to learn these 12 Universal Laws. Sadly (IMO), I don’t think many folks here in the United States are really interested or will take the time and effort to seek out this kind of knowledge and apply it. I hope I’m wrong about that!

    What a shame! For those of us that can appreciate, understand, and apply this powerful set of absolutes in their lives, great things DO happen. We’re all miracles, but unfortunately some of us don’t yet realize it.

    The teacher is waiting.

    I read your story and the struggles you’ve been through. I can’t see you, but I bet you’re happy and grateful that we have another day of life to make good.


    • Janet

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you for sharing your thought. Glad that you have learn 11 more Universal Law besides just Law of Attraction! Nothing is too late to learn. Please help to share to people so that more people are aware of these 12 Universal Laws. Thank you.


  • Jean

    Hi Janet,

    This post really resonates with me, especially law 1, the Law of Divine Oneness as I am currently listening to ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ by Dr Wayne Dyer and this is his key theme.

    I also especially like law 3, The Law of Action too. So many Law of Attraction devotees seem to believe if they just focus on the feeling of what they want already being achieved then they are done – then wonder what happened!

    The fact is, if you don’t put up your sails the wind can’t blow on them – you must take inspired action! Looking forward to following more of your posts.

    Kind regards,


    • Janet

      Hi Jean, Glad to hear that Law no. 1 especially resonate you! This is the most important law therefore it’s number One!

      Yes, I agree. We cannot expect anything to happen without any action take. In fact, all the 12 laws have to apply in order to work. If you look deepen in every laws, they are all connected to one and another. They cannot be separated. This is what we called Quantum Physics.

      Shall see you in my another post! Thank you.


  • Mark Dening

    Wow! Janet, what an inspirational reading. Where did you get this wonderful knowledge of life?

    I Recommend everyone read the 12 Universal Laws, as they could help anyone, especially someone not having an easy time of life. I have wondered about such things but it is good to read a proper explanation of whats going on around me and why things happen.

    In particular I believe the ‘law of attraction’ rule, that is spot on, if you are negative you attract negative energy and negative thoughts become negative situations, negative people enjoy each other! Its Ironic. Anyway keep writing great information for us.

    • Janet

      Hi Mark. In fact, I have learn about these 12 Universal Laws years back already through a Guru. I realise when I go through it again while I were writing this article, my understanding is deeper compare with the first time when I come across these laws and subsequently at different part of my life.

      What make me write about these 12 Universal Laws because lately someone has asked me a question in regard using Law of Attraction for manifestation does it work or not. Everybody only know about Law of Attraction but not many people aware there are more than one law in the Universal! In order for things to work, we actually need to know all the 12 Universal Laws. Therefore, this bring me to write about these 12 Universal Laws to bring more awareness to people.

      Thank you for helping to share this to more people to help them to learn.


  • Yoana

    Hi Janet,

    This is such a great article. I love how you presented the 12 Laws of Universe and I cannot agree more.

    My favourite one is the Law of Action – the actions we take to improve our life are the most important things we can do to change our life if we find ourselves in a place where we are not happy. Positive actions, thoughts and words are just a few actions we can take.

    Kind regards,

    • Janet

      Hi Yoana,

      Thank you for sharing your thought. Yes, everything start from the very first step. No action taken, nothing will happen. People always like to say they want to change their life. But they didn’t make an effort to do any change, how to change the life?

      Glad that you love my article. Thank you!

  • Lucky

    It is true that we mostly believe in things we see, touch, hear and taste and mostly doubting what is not falling in these categories.

    Many of these laws I never heard about them and it make sense when you explain them.

    I just got one question: On the “Law of Attraction” you said that Positive energies will always attract positive energies while negative energies will always attract negative energies. What about magnets because the south pole only attracts north pole, but when you put north pole to north pole repels each other or south pole repels south pole.

    Thanks for the informative post.

    • Janet

      Hi Lucky! Yes, most of the people only heard of Law of Attraction because of the book “The Secret“. Not many people know about the other 11 Universal Laws. This is also the reason why I want to share it in my this article to help to bring more people to the awareness that there are 12 Universal Laws!

      In regard to your question, the Law of Attraction cannot be apply on magnetic field of North and South pole because they are belonging to the natural just like Sun and Moon.

      Instead, I would prefer to apply and explain using Universal Law No. 10 – Law of Polarity. There is Light and Darkness. Therefore there is South and North Magnetic field. We need magnetic field of North and South pole to maintain the balance in Earth.

      To put it simple, they are all natural! As for why South magnetic field attract North magnetic field, you may like to refer to HERE which explain about the Earth’s magnetic field.

      Hope the above informations help with your question. Thank you!


  • Angee


    I found this article very interesting to read and it makes a lot of sense. I realise though that most people seek profound information like this when we are in trouble and life is not pleasant anymore.

    But it seems like you could live through this to be able to deal with some of life’s surprises.

    Thank you for taking your time to write this so so profound.

    • Janet

      Hi Angee. Glad that you enjoy reading this article.

      After learning these 12 Universal Laws, I also start to realise all things happen in life does make sense. But this realisation doesn’t come to me immediately when I first time learn about these 12 Universal Laws.

      It was after a few years later when I start to read them again then I have this realisation. So for those who can’t find any sense or understanding any of these Universal Laws, it’s alright! You will get to understand all of them when you have reach certain stage of life.

      Just make a notes on them and you can come back to them again as time go by with your life experience as this is what I do.

  • eco_catherine

    Reading this brought peace and tranquility to my day. Thank you for sharing.

    I have heard some of these before. Can I ask you where or who it originated from?

    • Janet

      Hi Catherine. Glad to learn that my this article has brought you peace and tranquility to your day.

      The 12 universal laws are thought to be intrinsic, unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known. So who is the orginated one is actually unknown.

  • Sima

    Wow Janet! Great to know these 12 laws!

    I’m a yoga instructor as well and I always believe the idea of Karma. This laws of universe correspondence with karma, and it make so much sense!

    • Janet

      Hi Sima. Yes, everything in life actually make sense if we allow ourselves to see it with our open mind with no judgement.

      I know alot of people feel turn off when they see or hear the word “karma”. To put it in simple words it actually mean “Cause & Effect”.

      Cause and effect is part of the nature therefore it’s one of the 12 Universal Law – Law of Cause and Effect. It doesn’t matter you believe in karma or not, it is part of the nature.

  • Aidan Mollett

    Great article, great website. can’t wait to explore more of your website. Well done!

    I wish you all of the best with your site.

    Kind regards,

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